The thought behind your marketing

Great marketing has the power to completely change your business for the better. Sure, anyone can run a few ads, throw together a brochure or write a press release or two, but that is missing the key component that takes good marketing and makes it great. That, my friends, is strategy. Strategy is the most important part to any marketing plan and unfortunately, many people don’t even know that there needs to be strategic thought behind how they choose to promote their business. Those may be the same people who think ANYONE can “do” marketing. Marketing isn’t just something you do. It is something you need and one must understand that you need marketing whether your business is flourishing or failing. Marketing, if done well, can give you the opportunity to strategically (there’s that word again!) tell the story YOU want to tell, directly to the people who need to hear it.

Now, we are about to tell you something else that will (hopefully) change the way you think about how you are marketing your business. Important to note: we mean this in the nicest way possible.


Marketing is about your customers. It is about the needs they have, and communicating how you provide the very best solution. So here is a free tip from me to you….don’t think about what you like. Think about what THEY like. Do you think the adult men and women who work in marketing for American Girl are creating marketing strategies that would relate to people of similar tastes? Not unless they have the style and preferences that are the same as a 10 year old girl. Know your audience. Talk their talk. Walk their walk.

Marketing is a big umbrella that encompasses promotion, sales, advertising and public relations. Why is marketing important? Your brand is your reputation.  Let’s be honest- you can’t afford not to market your business. Developing your marketing strategy is vital and here’s why:

Raise those Sales
Without sales, a company cannot succeed. People are not going to buy your product if they don’t even know you exist! The more you can stay top-of-mind, the more likely they will look to you when they are in need of your products and/or services.

Increase Awareness
Sometimes customers have to see a product or be exposed to a brand a hundred times before deciding to engage in that business. You want to be smart in where you are placing your messages, but make sure your marketing plan is comprehensive to increase awareness of your brand. You never know when your message is going to finally click with a potential customer. So be ready when they’re ready.

Make Consumers Trust You
If your best friend told you to jump off a cliff, would you??? Wait, wrong example. But seriously, who do you trust more? Your best friend or a complete stranger? Building trust takes time, but we promise this investment is definitely worth the time put in. Consumer trust creates brand loyalty and makes customers for life. Be honest and live up to your brand promises.

Testing and Optimizing
Just like a scientific experiment, your marketing experiment must also be tested. Try it. Test it. Change it. Try it again. Test it again. Change it again. (You get the idea.)  People change their minds all the time, making your job as a marketer super easy. (Cue sarcasm.) Always track what you are doing and don’t be afraid to realize your first try was an epic fail. Just change it until it is right.

Moral of this marketing story: don’t just “do” marketing. Understand the strategy behind it, put in the time and invest in the expertise to do it right. If you need assistance building a marketing strategy or need a little guidance, our marketing team would love to help! Reach out to us - we can't wait to meet with you and geek out on marketing ideas.

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