The leaves are transforming, the smell of bonfire is in the air, and pumpkin spice is BACK. So, with an apple-cider in hand and a good flannel on our backs, we are eagerly strolling into this enchanted season we call Fall and Revel could not be more excited. Here are our favorite things about FALL:

Things I love:
My Birthday (September 30th)
Halloween. (My creativity is occasionally expressed via my costumes.)
Eating, a lot. 

Things I hate:
Christmas stuff too early! (I saw stuff before Labor Day this year!)
It gets cold! (Winter is coming, I'm a Florida boy, Winter is not my friend.)

I love the leaves, scarves and crisp, cool air.

The smell. The crisp air always smells like a bonfire, which is one of my favorite fall activities.
Stereotypical fall activities. Festivals, pumpkin patch, apple picking, decorating your doorstep with mums...I love all of it!

I really love the colors of the trees/leaves.
I really DON'T love the time change, but it turns out you can't boycott DST as an individual. :)
I also love the fashion that comes with fall. I think everybody looks great all layered up.

Pumpkin custard with roasted pecans from Shake's in Joplin!
Cool nights and cozy clothes.

I really love being able to more acceptably wear more layers, since I get cold in the office all the time anyway. I also love the advent of hot drinks like apple cider and hot cocoa. Netflix and chill anyone?

Pumpkin Spice flavored everything!
Changing leaves. (of course)
Andy's pumpkin pie concretes.
Fall Apparel -- fuzzy socks, boots, scarves, chunky sweaters, flannels!

Homecoming- It’s my favorite time of year at Missouri State!
Caramel candles.
Being huddled around a bonfire with friends.

Hope you’re strolling into this season as quickly as we are. Happy Fall y’all.