Happy Birthday to us! This month, we have officially been designing, creating and ingesting far more caffeine than what the doctor would order for five whole years! As a small business in Springfield, MO, we are proud to be a part of this community and have the very important role of assisting in the growth of other businesses in this area and across the nation.

We have accomplished a lot in the past five years. So much that it has resulted in incredible growth on our end! The Marketing and Accounts Department has grown to offer more marketing strategy services and this year alone we have hired five new full-time employees to the team!

Many milestones occur when you turn five. Think back to when you were five. For some in our office, that wasn’t so long ago compared to others! (Insert old man joke here for the eldest in our office who is 37!) If you can remember that far back, you were going through a lot at the tender age of five…both physically and emotionally. To help you jog your memory, and to give you an idea of where Revel is and where we’re headed, we’ve compiled a list of comparisons between a five-year-old person and a five-year-old Revel. Enjoy!

At this age, children are very interested in words and language and seek knowledge regularly. Revel has started to find its voice with the addition of our blog. Here you will find helpful tips from some of our in-house experts as well as client highlights, our thoughts on trending topics and random thoughts/office happenings!
Five-year-olds grasp writing utensils like an adult as well as:
• Color within the lines
• Cut and paste simple shapes
We take this to mean becoming masters of InDesign and Photoshop! Our design team has grown to four and is constantly using their talent to create mini works of art for our clients!
Children at this age seek to play together rather than be alone; friends are important to them. If you know us at all, you know our office is a tight-knit group with a culture centered in teamwork. We value the strengths our teammates possess and know that each brings to the table a skill and ability that makes us all better. We love our team and are super proud of the work we do.
Five-year-olds are creative and enthusiastic problem solvers. They offer progressively more imaginative ideas for how to do a task, make something or solve longer-term or more abstract challenges. Lots of people do what we do in the sense that they can design and create advertising and marketing materials for companies. But what makes us different and unique are the ideas that we bring to the table and our approach in tackling a new project. Always challenging ourselves to create something new, we look at each situation a client brings our way with a fresh perspective and enjoy the process of creating the best solution for our clients.
The language skills of five-year-olds are well developed. They pronounce words clearly, speak in complex and compound sentences, use correct grammar for the most part and have good-sized vocabularies that continue to grow rapidly. Our Creative Director, Chris Jarratt, has recently been the feature speaker at a number of engagements where he shares his knowledge of brand development and gives listeners helpful tips on how to tackle their own branding projects. As for the “use correct grammar for the most part” part of this age…we’re working on it!
Physically, five-year-olds abound with energy and seek active games and environments. They can also use their fingers flexibly to control writing and painting tools. It could be the caffeine or it could be that we just get super juiced for a new project, but our office is regularly pulsing with energy from the Revelers. We also consider a computer mouse a “writing tool” and you should see how our designers have mastered that!
Children this age have improved skills for forming and maintaining friendships with adults and other children. We are so fortunate to have long-term friendships with our clients. Some are new partners that we have really enjoyed getting to know the ins and outs of their business and know we’ll have a great partnership with them for years to come. Others are Revel lifers and have been by our side for years and have watched us grow into the full-service, holistic agency we are today. No matter how long they’ve been by our side, we have the most fun and eclectic group of clients that make coming to work each day an exciting adventure!

So apparently, five-year-olds have a lot going on…as do we! The last five years have been nothing short of incredible, as we have worked to find our place in southwest Missouri. If the next five years are even half as much fun as the last five have been, we’re in for an awesome ride!