As this year comes to an end our Revelers have made some resolutions for 2016. Some people think that resolutions are overrated. Sure, maybe the same ole “eat healthier and exercise more” that fails every year as the third week of January rolls in is a little predictable. However, we think that there is always room for improvement and goals are important to better yourself and your business. So this year we decided to proclaim some Revel resolutions that will help us grow personally and professionally. (And honestly some include eating healthier… but healthier Revelers mean more productive Revelers, right?.) Here is what some members of the team are promising for themselves in 2016:


Chris: “Procrastination. I’ll send you the details later.”

Nicole: “I would say stop procrastinating, use my bullet journal everyday and take one “mystery” trip a month!”

Megan: “Mine is to be half as organized as Hayley.” (our AE) “This includes keeping my computer desktop clean and organized!”

Amanda: “Some of my resolutions include: Read more books, engage in some type of learning experience at least once a month and eat less party patties…” (NOTE:  A party patty is a slang term in our office for a York Peppermint Patty. A common delicacy.)

Hayley: “I plan to start bullet journaling as a fun way to continue to keep organized. I also want to drink more water (to balance out all the coffee.)”

Taylor: “There are quite a few areas of design where I’d love to improve in 2016, but especially developing my skills in custom lettering/typography, illustration and motion graphics.”

Shelby: “I have a few. Drink less coffee and more green tea! Decorate my office space. I also want to continue to grow academically and professionally in developing my skills as a marketer!”

Kelsey: “With school, work, being a member of a sorority and other campus organizations- I’d really love to be more organized and improve on balancing all these activities in 2016.”


So there you have it. We encourage you to make a resolution or two of your own and challenge yourself to grow in 2016!