With Christmas just around the corner, we have our final gift guide for the boss man/woman in the office, the CEO. Don’t mess this one up. Your job may be on the line. (We’re joking… sort of.) 

It turns out CEO’s have quite the sense of humor. Get them a gift that can make the stress that comes with their job a little more tolerable. Check out our creative gift ideas for the CEO that are sure to get you that promotion you’ve been waiting for (or at least get you on your boss’s good side.) 

  1. Customizable iPad case
  2. Silver business card case
  3. Bluetooth tracking tag for keys, wallet, etc.
  4. Card Box Set
  5. Crumpled paper - paper weight
  6. Leather iPad keyboard case
  7. "Like a Boss" coffee mug
  8. Monogrammed porcelain tray
  9. Reusable ice cubes - whiskey stones

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