Your logo is not your brand. It is, however, a huge component of your brand’s identity, so it’s not just something you should “whip up” real quickly.  Talking with an agency that specializes in brand identity is a great place to start when developing a new logo or rebranding your business. Agencies conduct research and market analysis to fully understand your market and demographic which lays the ground work for developing this key component to your brand’s image.  

Brand awareness and recognition happen when the visual parts of your business are strong enough for a consumer to remember and immediately recognize. Your visual identity triggers perceptions in your audience and gives them an opportunity to create associations with your brand.


Put Your Trust in an Agency
There are many quick and cheap (sometimes free) options out there that will “create” your logo. Certain online algorithms have created ways for you to answer a few questions and TA DA! You have a logo. Sure, you have a logo. Just like everyone else. An agency can provide you with something an online source cannot when it comes to logos; a personalized, in-depth experience and concepts that will help tell the story of your business. At Revel, our process follows a holistic approach, spending time getting to know each business, conducting research and exploring varying avenues of design to make sure we are fully capturing client expectations and complementing the brand as a whole. That's why it is well worth the extra time, effort and money to put your trust in an agency to do what they do best.

We have designed and redesigned many logos in the five years we’ve been around. Some had minimal updates, some were complete overhauls and others were new companies looking to enter the market in a big way. Some examples of logos we have designed are:

Bear Village

Brokate Janitorial

GHN Architects + Engineers


Ozark Counseling Center

Q-Street Perk

Springfield Regional Economic Partnership

Toth Engineers

Tour De Crawdad

Logo design costs can range anywhere from $1 to $1 million dollars (such as the iconic Pepsi logo.) Your investment in a logo is dependent on many factors and most agencies can help you determine what is the proper investment level for your company’s size and goals. Don’t let the fear of the time and price tags keep you from reaching out and inquiring what it would take to bring your brand to the next level.

“The designer is the medium between the client and the audience. A mark should embody and imply the client's business goals and positioning, and address the end user's needs and wants.”

- J. Katz

Remember— your logo is your identity. If you are looking for a logo design or refresh to positively impact your brand, we’d love to sit down and chat!

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