Although it’s been a handful of years since any of the Revelers paraded down the hallways of their alma maters, we like to think we are still in touch with our inner “cool”…the kind of “cool” that high school seniors would take notice of.

Recently one of our clients, Metropolitan National Bank, wanted to help build brand awareness while continuing to do a small part to help out the local community. The bank partnered with area high schools to raise funds for Project Graduation. This initiative plans safe alternatives to partying for post-graduation ceremonies. While the graduating class of 2015 at each respective high school is responsible for fundraising to support its chosen activity, Metropolitan National Bank decided that, for every new account opened during that period, it would make a donation to the project.

When MNB turned to Revel for a way to get the word out, our Creative Director and Partner, Chris Jarratt, knew that a traditional flyer for this event wouldn’t resonate, or “fly” as the young folk would say, with a younger crowd. With the help of Red Paper Plane’s Mini-Flapper (a 3.5” x 2.5” card with four selling panels that turn in succession), the team came up with the perfect presentation to get readers more invested in the marketing piece and spread Metropolitan’s message.

More than 1,000 Mini-Flappers were printed for seniors to hand out to friends, family and anyone else they knew. While other flyers were used for the campaign, it was the Mini-Flapper that served as the key component and created the most buzz. “In addition to boosting community engagement, the Mini-Flappers have that ‘cool factor’ that seniors want to be associated with,” says Chris Jarratt.

Is your business in need of a little marketing “cool factor?” The Revel team is here to partner with you to create a dynamic plan to fit your needs. Give us a call or shoot us an email. 

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