“Fast-forward through this commercial.” “Ok, just wait for a commercial.” “GAH! NOT THIS COMMERCIAL AGAIN!”

How many times have you heard the above sentences or even have said them yourself? Truth time: we’ve said it too and WE ARE AN ADVERTISING AGENCY!

Marketing is everywhere and for the most part, people don’t like being marketed at. It takes the perfect mixture of sentimentality, logic and just plain ol’ creativity to catch people’s attention and get them talking. You know you have a winner when your campaign seems to grow legs of it’s own and is remembered fondly by consumers.

Like any good advertising professional, the Revelers take note and give credit where credit is due. Here is the team’s compiled list of, in our opinions, the Top 10 Most Memorable & Genius Marketing Campaigns:

  1. Old Spice: "Smell Like a Man"
  2. Dove: Campaign for Real Beauty
  3. Volkswagen: “The Force” (Super Bowl Commercial Spot)
  4. Kmart: “Ship My Pants”
  5. Always: “#LikeAGirl”
  6. Ram Trucks: “Farmer” (Super Bowl Commercial Spot)
  7. Chik-fil-A: “Eat Mor Chikn”
  8. Coke: “Put a Smile On”
  9. Virgin America: Safety Video
  10. IBM: “People for Smarter Cities”

Share some of your favorite commercial spots or ad campaigns with us in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.