♬ Post-its on desktops and fine points on paper,

Sketchbooks for the creatives are a real life-saver,

Anything loaded with lots of caffeine,

These are a few of our favorite things! ♬


Poor songwriting skills? Sure. Accurate lyrics? You bet. Agency life comes with some items we absolutely cannot live without and has also successfully turned everyone into a caffeine addict. The creatives can’t create, the marketers can’t market and the account managers cannot account manage without certain necessities. In order to do our jobs to the best of our ability, here are the things we NEED:

Coke Zero. I work 60+ hours a week and only caffeine makes that possible. 
CA (Communication Arts Magazine) I use this for inspiration. 
KOH-I-NOOR Hardmuth Toison D'or graphite pencils- always sketch first.
The Internet is a must for research & Inspiration.
Also, music - mainly Jay-Z or Kanye - because creative lyrics lead to creative design. 

Post-its. Post-its. More Post-its. They are the easiest way for me to keep a constant visual reminder for the important things. Plus they make my desk a lot more colorful!

Post-its, party patties (peppermint patties) and my heater… Even in the summer.

Colorful stickies and colorful pens. It makes taking notes in meetings a thousand times more fun! Also, I’m with Amanda on the party patty train. Sometimes you just need to take a break to refocus! 

Bic Triumph ultra fine pens in black. They write the best! Sharpie ultra fine point markers. I guess I really like fine point pens… Also, Post-its. My desk is covered in them all the time!



Headphones. I have a terrible attention span, so headphones allow me to tune out some of the world around me when I need to focus on the task at hand. And a good song is always a great inspiration. Also, my sketchbook. What kinda designer would I be without a sketchbook? It can be great to work through the possibilities of a design on paper, unencumbered by my computer, and let ideas flow freely. It also gives me an option to get away from a screen while still crafting a concept for our clients.

Coffee cups, bright highlighters and the perfect pen. I am extremely picky about pens and most suck :)



My small notepad. I make a To-Do list everyday… don’t know what I would do without it. Also, my iPhone. I have lots of apps and emojis that I like to use to make social media posts more appealing and fun!

My fan.

There you have it, folks. 


♬ When we’re booked up,

When the Wi-Fi sucks,

When the deadline’s passed…

We simply remember our favorite things

And then we don’t feel so bad. ♬