Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that Kit-Kat bar.

Chances are this tune will be stuck in your head for the next few minutes if not all day. That is the power of music. In a world where advertising is everywhere we turn, jingles are an effective marketing technique that can leave people slightly annoyed but very aware of a brand. 

There are a few specific techniques that make an effective jingle:

First, keep it short and simple. It does not need to be a lengthy, intricate, ambiguous masterpiece of poetry. A small child should have no trouble understanding your message.

Next, make it catchy. This is what makes your brand memorable. But beware! There is a fine line between catchy and obnoxious, so tread lightly!

Then, tug at those heartstrings! Bringing in that positive emotional appeal that invokes a feeling in the consumer that results in a desire for your brand. Instruments, lyrics and melody all play an important role in creating this emotional tie with your consumer.

Lastly: sum up your brand. You must answer the question “What is your brand about?” in your jingle and make sure it is clear to the consumer. You can also add a slogan line—“Subway…Eat Fresh” is a perfect example of incorporating a slogan line into your jingle. This creates a positive memory for this particular brand. 

Now let's reminisce on some of the classics:

  1. State Farm Insurance
    (*insurance genie appears*)

  2.  Meow Mix
    (It's the CAT doing the singing! Genius. And cute.)  

  3. Band- Aid
    (Stuck is right…have you ever ripped one of those suckers off? Again, genius. And those kids…oh c’mon! We don’t stand a chance. )

  4. Kit Kat
    (Take a break and shove chocolate in my face? I’ll take it.)

  5. Doublemint Gum
    (That must have been one confusing casting call!)

  6. Oscar Mayer
    (Everyone wants to be a wiener…I mean, sure they do.)

  7. Coca-Cola
    (Sharing a coke is an embodiment of peace and love.) 

  8. McDonald’s
    (Ba da ba ba ba… enough said.)

Music is memorable. It’s fun. It evokes emotion and nostalgia. It has staying power. So next time you are trying to make your brand standout from the rest, consider a new take on the old fashion jingle.