Coming to the decision that your company might need a rebrand is not as easy as it sounds. We are fortunate to have our very own branding (self-proclaimed) expert working down the hall. Our Creative Director, Chris Jarratt, was invited to speak on this very topic at the Missouri Economic Development Council 2015 Annual Conference earlier this summer. This presentation proved he really does know what he’s talking about…and that he has a super cute kid. (See examples from his presentation below…”Double AWWW!!!” is right!) 

Jackson (Chris's son) and Grandma Mildred

Jackson (Chris's son) and Grandma Mildred

Chris discussed the good, the bad and the ugly of rebranding. We asked Chris what he believed to be the most important take-away points from his presentation:

  1. Internal rebranding is tough. The "can't see the forest for the trees" scenario happens. You can circle a great idea and not even know it’s there. If you click here, you can see in the video that a good joke is simplistic in nature—so  is branding. But just because you know the desired results, does not mean it is as easy as it sounds to create.
  2. Don’t rebrand in a vacuum.  The first step is to research properly. This includes looking at:
              What is the brand’s current equity?
              What are your brand’s goals/objectives?
              What does your brand promise?
              What is working? What isn’t?
              Do you have a strategic plan in place?
              What sets you apart?
    50% or more of the branding process can be credited to discovery and research. Then, you need to create a team of key individuals from multiple disciplines to advise throughout the process. 

  3. Be Different. Your brand defines how you are perceived. Knowing the unique challenges that place branding presents and how to navigate those challenges successfully can be complicated. Look at Missouri for example—this is the first image (other than the arch) that shows up when you Google "Missouri":

Step one is coming to grips with the fact that you have thousands of competitors, so differentiating your brand is imperative. (We’ll keeping working on you, Missouri.) 

Also remember the branding don’ts

We will leave you with this- there are 23,700,000 Google results for branding but we think one definition by Bret Sanford-Chung speaks to it well:

"Branding is a memory. It is the collective memory of every experience humans have with the entity the brand represents. I say entity because anything people have impressions of can be a brand- a place, person, performance, a religion. All of these memories aggregate to form the feeling we have about the entity. Even if you’ve never had any direct experience with the entity, your impressions of the brand and your predilection to engage with it, are formed by that collective memory. Branding is the act of creating those memories."

Branding isn’t easy, but we can help! If you think your company might be in the market for a rebrand, or if you aren’t sure what your brand needs, but you know it needs something, give us a call! We’d love to talk through it with you!

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