Logos are a vital part of your company’s identity. They’re used to immediately convey your brand and its values across all kinds of media. So imagine if you could convey all of the elements of your brand in one fell swoop. Creating a double entendre within your logo gives you the opportunity to highlight many facets of your company–not to mention it makes you look pretty clever as well.

When a logo designer achieves a double entendre, it says twice as much about your business in an instant and the viewer can see two vital aspects of your brand.

Below are a just a few of my favorite examples of logos that successfully use visual double entendre.

Thoughts: The Amazon logo’s strength comes from its simplicity. On the surface it’s telling you the name of the business and that the business will make you happy. It also describes the way Amazon itself offers everything you could need from A to Z.

Thoughts: Perch is an outlet adapter that chirps to alert you before you leave your charger behind. The logo effectively symbolizes the chirping sound through the familiar Wifi symbol emanating from the outlet-eyed bird. 

3 - Cinder.png

Thoughts: Cinder’s product, the Sensing Cooker, allows consumers to slowly and gently cook with precision. Their wordmark represents this precision and the importance of cooking based on temperature by subtly including the degrees Celsius symbol.

3 - Blast.png

Thoughts: Blast Gym’s logo reminds clients that their facilities and employees will help to elevate your work out, moving you up and out of your comfort zone. The minimal letter A in the logo functions as an upward facing arrow, enhanced by a diagonal slice that adds motion to the design.


This Design Dialogue was written by Taylor Morris, a graphic designer at Revel. Learn more about her here