From Revel CEO, Nicole Jarratt

Your business is only as good as your team. This statement rings especially true in the agency world where every project is a team effort. Keeping your team inspired keeps spirits high and the quality of work produced even higher. Our CEO, Nicole Jarratt, shares her top 10 tips and tricks that help her keep the Revelers inspired every day.

1.     Book Club
Professional development focused books like “Leaders Eat Last,” “No Drama Leadership” and others give the team direction to grow as a whole, but also as individuals. The workplace is a perfect setting for an inspirational book club! 

2.     Switch things up
A stagnant routine can be the death of creativity. Switching up the format of weekly and regular meetings keeps everyone on their toes and invested.

3.     Employee outings
During down time we try and take the opportunity to go to the movies, Happy Hour, bowling and other fun outings. Team get-togethers in a different setting promote employee comradery and helps us all to de-stress a little!

4.     Celebrate good times
Sometimes you just need to celebrate the little things! We try and take the opportunity to celebrate every tiny victory, birthday and work-a-versary. We have to give props to our Marketing Director, Megan, who does a great job with her self-appointed role as the official birthday baker.

5.     Judgment-free zone
When it comes to brainstorming, no idea is too outlandish. There shouldn’t be any limit set on creativity, so a judgmental attitude is never welcome. There is no laughing in brainstorming! (Actually, there is a lot of laughing in brainstorming—but all in good fun!)

6.     Quarterly goals
Our Leadership team and each department sets goals to be accomplished by the end of each quarter. Working together to achieve measurable goals unites departments to see the “bigger picture” that lives within our every day tasks. 

7.     Personal goals
Each team member gives themselves “one thing” to work on and improve throughout the quarter. Setting personal goals gives us something to work towards that, in turn, will make us a better team member.

8.     The Revel office
Revel’s environment is meant to be inspiring and inviting. The open floor plan promotes collaboration and communication. Local art decorates our hallways and our work is displayed in the creative production room. Each team member has the freedom to decorate their workspace how they want, creating their own safe haven of inspiration.

9.     Revel with a Cause
There’s no better inspiration than giving back to the community. From serving food in the homeless shelter, volunteering at charity events and providing creative and marketing services to non-profits free of charge—giving back gives our team a fresh perspective to tackle new projects in a new light. 

10.  Our stocked kitchen
The kitchen always stays stocked with everyone’s favorite drinks and snacks. The team stays caffeinated and productive, and who doesn’t like to pop open a beer on a Friday afternoon? There’s no such thing as hangry employees around here.

Looking for an inspired team to accomplish your marketing goals? We’re only a phone call/email/random drop by away.