The holidays have rolled in quickly this year— just like always do. And yet, we are still shocked when we see the first signs of tinsel and holly the week before Halloween.  The stores have already set out their holiday décor and the hustle and bustle of seeking out the perfect gift is in full swing. But the holidays are also for spending time with the people you care about most. Everyone has their favorite holiday traditions— trimming the tree, ice skating, playing in the snow or having all of your family and friends with you around the table. Sharing in the holiday season is one of the most enjoyable parts of this time of year and one way to stay connected with loved ones near and far is through holiday cards. Who doesn’t love to plaster their refrigerator with the smiling faces of friends and family you don’t get to see that often? To get your card to stand out above the rest of the fridge, here are some fun ideas to add a little spice to your holiday cheer.


One of the best ways to remix your holiday cards is to turn them into a fun DIY project. Come up with an idea that uses household items or things that are easy to find at your local hobby shop like buttons, washi tape or yarn. Get the whole family involved and make an afternoon of it!

2. Laser Cut

Put your safety glasses and a pair of gloves on and use a laser cutter to give your holiday cards a 3-dimensional look… or maybe just have someone laser cut them for you, if you’re not confident in your power tool skills. Laser cutting will add layers to your holiday cards and will make your family and friends not only impressed, but jealous, too.

3. Funny/Creative Photography

Photo holiday cards may be the most common form of greeting cards during the holiday season. Everyone wants to show off how big the kiddos have gotten or what vacation spots they’ve visited over the past year. This year—change it up! Why do holiday cards have to be so serious? Consider thinking outside the box with your poses, add props or give it a theme.

4. Letterpress

Letterpress printing has been around for the better half of the last thousand years and has recently become even more popular due to vintage trends and it’s tactile nature. It is a beautiful way to create a piece that your friends and family are going to want to hold on to. Find a local print shop to design a card for you or, if you feel up to it, create a design of your own.

5. Gold/Sliver Foil

Gold foil is very “in” right now. It is a great way to add a unique, yet high-end look to your holiday cards. Not a fan of gold? Try rose gold, silver or copper foil to find the color that will work best for your design. Talk to your local print shop to see if gold foil is something they can do for you, or find a DIY tutorial and try it for yourself.

Regardless of how you decide to connect with family and friends this holiday season, have fun creating a holiday card that shows off your personality. If you still aren’t sure what idea you want to run with, check out our Pinterest page for more card ideas! Happy Holidays!