Revel Listicle: Revel’s Most Frequently Used Apps

8 hours and 41 minutes: the amount of time in a day that the average American spends using electronic devices. If you’re going to spend this much time on devices, we sure hope you are doing something cool with them. There is an app for everything these days. There are apps that tell you how well you slept, when to drink water, who you should go on a date with—the list goes on an on. Basically, your life could be completely tracked and determined by an app.

Naturally, we love this about them. Check out our full list of our favorite apps that we couldn’t go a day without! (Because if we do we get 15,000 notifications from them telling us about it.)


Chris (Creative Director & Founding Partner)

·      Dragdis is a chrome extension that allows you to collect and organize content from the web. It pops up when you drag something in your browser, and you simply drop the item into a folder to save it!

·      Letgo provides a simple way to sell your stuff, and ‘let go’ of things you really don’t need anymore! 

·      Boomerang allows you to send reminder emails to yourself if someone hasn’t responded, schedule emails to go out at a certain time and all-in-all helps you get back to people quickly.

·      Spotify, the music app, lets you make your own playlist to give you some musical inspiration.

Nicole (CEO)

·      Square Cash is a super easy way to send money to someone that you know because who uses cash anymore! I use it often to pay the babysitter!.

·      Fitbrain improves your brain function through games and puzzles. I love how the app tracks my progress!

·      Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker and easy-to-use app that finds everyday items in seconds—like your phone, keys, and wallet. Such a great solution for someone who loses their keys all of the time…like me.  

Megan (Director of Marketing)

·      Instagram, the social media app centered around pictures, is basically the best part of Facebook (the pictures, duh!) And you can follow celebrities...which is a not-so-secret favorite pastime of mine.

·      Snapchat, a social media app that is busting on the scene as a way to send quick notes, videos and selfies to your friends. It makes me feel closer to friends and family who live far away.

·      Runkeeper fitness app tracks the mileage and time as I run.

(Like Chris, Megan also uses Spotify to play soothing, relaxing music to zone out when she’s writing or upbeat music during the TRX classes that I teach! )

Taylor (Graphic Designer)

·      Fontface Ninja is great for quickly isolating the fonts used on a webpage, exploring its details and experimenting with their potential applications.

·      Grammarly Editor is an excellent tool for editing text as you type it in a web browser. It goes beyond spellcheck into correcting contextual spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, its super helpful while drafting emails and social posts.

·      Adobe Bridge is a free file browser that comes with Adobe Creative Cloud, and it's vital to my workflow. It allows users to sort through files in a million different ways and easily connect items from one adobe program to another.

·      Pocket is a great extension for saving articles, blogs, etc. to read later. You can use it offline so it’s great for long flights or road trips!

Hayley (Account Executive)

·      Google Calendar is the app that helps keep my day organized. (And if you know Hayley, organization is VERY important.) With all of my weekly meetings, I really rely on this!

·      Pinterest is my favorite app of all. I love using it to find new recipes.

Michael (Graphic Designer)

·      Colorzilla is used to sample colors you run into on the internet from photos and text. It comes pretty handy when you run into a color you love and want to use it in a design.

·      Gmail Checker Plus  is great for the Gmail users out there. You can get a look at the mail in all of your accounts with just one click.

·      Bettersnaptool allows you to easily manage your window positions. This app helps me quickly organize my windows precisely into whatever size I want (full, half, quarter screen).

Shelby (Marketing Coordinator)

·      Photofy app makes me feel like a graphic designer (although Michael and Taylor may disagree.) I use it to be able to make simple graphics to post on social media for Revel and other clients.

·      Instagram is my favorite out of all of the social media apps. I don’t think I could live without it.

Kelsey (Office & Marketing Assistant)

·      Snapchat, like Megan, is my favorite way to communicate with my friends! Who doesn’t love those funny filters?

·      VSCO Cam is an amazing app for taking and editing photos. And with no ‘liking’ ability on VSCO, there’s no pressure for your photos to be popular with followers!


Do you have a favorite app that you just can’t live without that wasn’t listed here? Share it with us! We’re always looking for new apps to become completely obsessed with.