Creative Department

In our previous series, we gave you the backstage pass on the humble abodes of our Marketing and Accounts Department. This week’s series is a sneak peak at the inspirational spaces of the design gurus themselves– the Creative Department. Just as you would expect of these artistic brains, they have a lot to offer the design world, including interior design. In fact, I think we can all agree our Senior Art Director, Amanda, may have the coolest office décor in all of Revel. Each Reveler has their own unique style and an office space that inspires them on a daily basis.

So what can you expect to see from an office full of the most creative and forward-thinking minds in the industry? Why tell you when we can show you? Check out that right brain thing the creatives’ got going on via their office spaces:

I like plenty of desk space to spread out on. Some call it a mess. I prefer controlled chaos. Either way it's how I work best. (Please refer to fellow genius Albert Einstein's desk space.) The must-haves in my office include: dual monitors, real wooden pencils, my sketchbook, and design/advertising/marketing books. As far as “décor,” I have a wall of design awards, Star Wars and St. Louis memorabilia, and a fake plant. Living things don’t stand a chance in my care. Pray for my son.


When I started working at Revel, I gave it a whole two months before I was making semi-permanent additions to my office. The fluorescent lighting was so harsh on my eyes so I decided that I was going to make something to help break up the light—of course, a huge installation using different shades of turquoise fabric stretched across old screen-printing frames, hung from my ceiling was the answer. Other things that inspire me in my office are the prints I have around and the cork circles on my wall that collect all of my favorite things. I used to keep my office nice and tidy (like Hayley) but as time went on and life got a little crazier my desk started looking like Chris' (I'm somewhat ashamed to admit this). Every now and then the mess starts to bother me, so I clean it all up (or at least make more manageable piles) and then start all over. 

Everything has a place. My workspace is definitely a reflection of how I feel about most things in life. I try and live by the rule of "do the things you have to do so that you can do the things that you want to do." When I look at my desk, and everything is in it's place, I know that I can just go about my daily business. Sometimes I intentionally leave something out of place because I know that it will be enough to draw my attention when I get back.

I also like to place bits and pieces of things that have memories associated with them, or remind me how I got here and who helped me get here. My little "MP" wooden letterpress letters were a gift from my graphic design college professor who inspired me to follow this career. My wooden leopard head penholder is from a trip to Cancun in middle school. A notebook I'm finishing up has many of my architectural sketches from college, another was from my first architectural job and one was a gift from my brother. When everything means something, you can't go a single day without being inspired by your past and reminded of who you are, and letting that guide what you do. 

My office is in a bit of a transition period right now. We just migrated the designers into a new space and we're converting our old space into a production area and photo studio. I'm helping to put this area together and I'm really excited about our growth and developing such a practical, productive area. I love photography and think it'll be nice to have an area where I can document all of Revel's creative work and then some. I'm also working on making my new desk cozy and my own. I keep my favorite art supplies on hand and lots of clear space on my desk for sketching when I need to, with some inspiring design work on the walls to keep me motivated.