“Just pin it.” (Is anyone else singing these words to the tune of the Michael Jackson song “Beat it” right now besides us? No? Ok, but I bet now you are.) Just like Google has transformed themselves into a verb, Pinterest has also become a part of every day language. “I pinned this recipe the other day.” “Did you see my pin about how to make your own body scrub?” “I spend most of my nights pinteresting.” You know you’ve come upon something incredible when your business literally becomes more than a thing–it becomes an action. 

At only 7 years old, Pinterest has fully integrated themselves into the social media scene. After starting in 2009, Pinterest quickly rose to the top of the social networking charts to become one of the top 10 most popular social media sites with over 11 million visits per week. With that sort of traffic, it’s no wonder that businesses started to catch on to the marketing potential behind the site and started adding a Pinterest campaign to their strategies.

The people behind Pinterest are geniuses–and this is why. They created a way for you to use and participate in their site without you actually being on their site. They’ve created a button for you to install on your web browser called “pin it” so whenever you are surfing the web and come across something pin-worthy, all you have to do is hit the “pin it” button and it will automatically add it to one of your boards without even taking a cyber step onto their website. That friends, is genius.

1. #Free
Pinterest is a free app and is open to everyone, so there really are no limits to who can use it!

2. Everyone on Pinterest is a friend
Unlike some of the other social networks out there, your Pinterest “feed” shows content based on what “they” think you’ll like–so you’re not limited to who is following you! Have you ever been sent an email that said “Susie WhatsHerName repinned your pin?” You may not know Susie WhatsHerName but she found your pin somehow and now she is sharing it to her network of unfamiliar friends too!   

 3. Same story in a new way
You can use the same story you use to sell your brand but get a little creative in the way you present it and share it. Pinterest is ideal for visually supported content, which could be fitting for any brand out there. It’s perfect for lifestyle, retail or service industries and it gives (potential) customers an opportunity to relate to your brand in a different way.

Don’t Just Pin Your Product
When it comes to what you are pinning, you should definitely take advantage of promoting your own products and services, first and foremost. But don’t limit yourself! Make your page useful to the customer and provide tips and inspiration relevant to your industry.

Get Rich 
Rich Pins are a feature on Pinterest that takes your pin to the next level and allows you to provide additional information on the pin itself. You can include information about your product pricing, connect to your other social media networks, and even more! It requires more work on the front end, but your pin will stand out above the rest!

Picture Perfect
When creating your pins, always be sure to make your images ‘Pinterest friendly.’ Interesting vertical images with simple headlines are always the most visually pleasing.

Need some more PINspiration to get you started? Check out Pinterest’s business page to read some case studies from businesses all over the world who are investing their time and resources in building their Pinterest brand. (We suggest looking at the BuzzFeed article. They give great tips!)


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