Companies Who Are Saving the Planet

Another Earth Day has come and gone and the pictures of our friends on Facebook being tree huggers for the day have long been pushed to the bottom of our feeds. However, it seems like more and more companies have adopted the “go-green” vibes into their business model and are using their advertising dollars to show their concern for all things sustainable.

Sustainability is “in” right now, and unlike overalls and parachute pants, we hope it never goes out of style. Businesses have started to communicate their sustainability efforts through their advertising campaigns. Companies are taking big steps to show they care about saving the planet, and that has proven to really resonate with consumers.

Let’s look at a few businesses who are backing the planet with their marketing dollars.


Unilever believes in responsible marketing and advertising and trusts it can be “a powerful force for behavior change.” An example is their Comfort One Rinse’s campaign. This explained to consumers that they can “save water with only one rinse.”

Unilever promises that they will “focus on the commitments of our Sustainable Living Plan, working to slow climate change while providing 50 million households in water-scarce countries with laundry products that deliver excellent results with less water by 2020.


Nike is also winning at the sustainability game. They unveiled their Nike Flyknit in February of 2012 and 4 years later they have continued to make exceptional efforts to reduce waste through the micro engineering of these stylish and environmental friendly athletic shoes.


Having been in the spotlight for some less than FLAVORable (ha, get it?) reasons previously, Chipotle has flipped the story and has been showing consumers their passion for “cultivating a better world” where they support a shift in future farming and food harvesting to positively impact the health of the planet. They’ve been engaging the public through “The Scarecrow” iOS game they created along with an animated short film.


As advertisers, we have the power to change perception and inspire change in others through creative messaging. Kudos to these companies, and others like them, who are using their power to not only elevate their brand, but also to spread messages of sustainability.

Sustainability marketing can do so much more than sell a product or build a positive brand reputation; it can save the planet.

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