Excel Dental sets the standard for excellent dental care. Their team serves the Ozark area with compassion and professionalism so that you and your family can Smile Healthy!

Before they were Excel Dental, they were Barnett-Davis Dental Group. With this name change came a complete rebrand of their company. When they came to Revel, they had a new logo and a color pallet and were in need of a creative and marketing strategy that could help them communicate their transition. We began working with Excel in 2015 and it all began with a strategy that focused on name recognition and overall brand awareness. Going into 2016, we are focusing on keeping their brand equity, but also targeting messages towards the services they provide. 

In the realm of design, we developed a triangle pattern that spoke back to the triangle in the original logo. To aide in the transition, all collateral pictured all four doctors with the messaging that Barnett-Davis Dental is now Excel Dental and the team and services were the same. Including the entire team of doctors on collateral was key in order to make sure their clients knew that even though Excel had a new name, they could still expect the same excellent care from the same excellent team.  

Well into Excel’s rebrand, the Barnett’s retired from practicing and we were able to make the seamless transition with the new branding in place and moved solely to focusing on bringing more awareness to Excel’s new brand and embracing the clean, classic look that was created for them.

We had a great time using the arrow in their logo to highlight the different areas of the messaging. It proved to become an extremely diversified piece to their branding. 

On direct mail pieces, we used the arrow as the main focus to point at the offer that Excel Dental was giving away. We also used the arrow on a directional billboard right by their highway exit to point to their location.

We were able to find creative ways to showcase their branding statement “Excellent Team, Excellent Care, Excellent Choice,” by using those phrases as headlines. In making their creative pieces more visually engaging, we assisted in maximizing their return on investment and provided a consistent platform for their brand that radiated excellence. (Pun intended.)


This year, with Excel’s brand more established, we had the opportunity to embrace a different direction with their collateral. Quarterly campaigns were put in place that focus on specific life events that are cause to celebrate. Relying heavily on the arrow that we spent the last few campaigns building equity in, paired with imagery that evokes emotions, this campaign is versatile and can be adapted throughout the entire year. Whether it is graduation in the spring, or football in the fall, Excel’s message is relevant and timely no matter what the occasion.

Good creative is most effective when paired with a good strategy. Excel’s strategy for this year focuses on digital marketing. Having an aggressive presence online was important since those of us looking for a dentist will first search online. We want Excel’s message to be at the forefront of their potential new patients as well as their current patients.  Other complimentary tactics include print, direct mail and billboard advertising to round out the strategy and create additional touch points. Overall, the strategy’s intent is to provide continual brand presence in the market and specific targeted messages of services.

The Results (as of right now)

A quarter through year two and Excel’s web traffic continues to increase significantly. Excel Dental’s marketing has aided in their positive rebranding initiative and how their message of “Smile Healthy” and “EXCELlent Team, EXCELlent Choice and EXELlent Care” has resonated with current and new patients.

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