Chapter 3: The Making of TowHead

If you’ve been keeping up with our Week of Mother’s, you’ve gotten an insider’s look at our creative process in developing the new labels and packaging for Mother’s Brewing Company and the details on how the classic Lil’ Helper was created. We even revealed some design secrets along the way. Our next story to tell is the development of the always popular, TowHead design. We had a blast concepting this one, which just goes to show that (American) Blondes really do have more fun.


Before it was decided to create the story of “Mother’s world” on each of the labels, we got, well, literal, with some of our brainstorms. Creative Director, Chris Jarratt’s favorite concept for Mother’s American Blonde baby was a play off of the words “tow” and “head.” Before we knew it, we had sketches of a tow truck towing away a head from Mt. Rushmore. Alas, it did not fit seamlessly into Mother’s world so we scrapped that idea and revisited the boy from the original label—that cute, little blonde baby that we imagined has grown up to be a blonde-haired, Dennis the Menace-type, momma’s boy—hence the wagon full of all things his mom would advise him to stay away from—fireworks and spray paint.

Kendra Miller's final sketch for TowHead

Kendra Miller's final sketch for TowHead

Color Choice

There was not a lot of back and forth with this one. The obvious choice to represent the American blonde is the shade of the golden locks themselves! Keeping with the monotone color palette, we used shades of yellow in this design that highlight the Mother’s logo and nicely compliment the other family of beers as well.

Mother’s Logo

The Mother’s logo is included in the top left hand corner on every package, which was an intentional detail we carried throughout each label.  With a lot of information to digest, people need a starting point to look first and we wanted people to know undeniably that it was a brew from Mother’s. You read a book from left to right….a beer label is no different!

The Brew Master’s Insight

An element we talked a lot about with the Mother’s crew well before a concept was chosen was how awesome it would be if the packaging somehow felt like the brew master was sharing his thought process behind each of the beers as they were drinking them. On each beer there is a special message from the brew master himself. TowHead’s reads:

“Mother’s TowHead is a refreshingly light-bodied American Blonde that starts slightly sweet with hints of fruit and finishes crisp and dry with the faintest hop kiss. Its smooth, clean flavor will leave you reaching for another. And another.”

Hidden Maze Message & Mother’s Heart

In our last post about Lil’ Helper, we informed you about our hidden hearts and messages in the maze. In the TowHead illustration, our little blonde boy has mischievously painted an ode to mom on his neighbor’s fence. That scoundrel! And as for the maze, why don’t you crack open a Mother’s BEER and try to figure it out?


So bottoms up to this refreshingly crisp beer and design! Look forward to tomorrow as we fill you in on the creative elements behind Mother’s brown ale brewed with love, Three Blind Mice.