The good, the bad and all of the reasons I’m sad my time at Revel is nearing an end. 
By Chandler Rogers

A summer internship has become rather cliché with my generation. We strive to have the best internship possible during our time in college. A lot of students want to take their internship opportunity to go off to extravagant cities like New York and LA, but I landed the job at Revel Advertising in my hometown of Springfield, Missouri for the summer, and honestly, I wasn’t quite sure what the outcome would be. Here we are three months later and I am leaving wishing I could wake up and it’d be May 16, 2016 so I could do it all over again. 

From my first day when I was forced to frantically choose the location for my welcome lunch (we have some picky eaters so it was a stressful task) to now, I’ve grown exponentially and I am sad I only have two short weeks left. 

The summer has been full of challenges and successes, but it all boils down to this: Chandler’s “Revel Top 10” from my summer here at 429 N. Boonville. 

10. The Office
Have you seen this place?! Who wouldn’t want to work in such a hip, not-so-cubical office space? I’ve loved the opportunity to work in close quarters with the entire Revel team. It’s given me the chance to pop in on creative meetings, brainstorming sessions and the occasional sing-along with Michael. 

9. The Coffee
Six words: San Francisco Bay Coffee – Breakfast Blend. It comes in pods for the Keurig and the classic ground for the coffee pot. It has been my fuel for the summer. I scheduled it to brew every morning for the office and I’ve been told it will be missed when I leave. 

8. The Errands
Ahh, the stereotypical intern duty I’ve developed a liking to (sometimes) over the past few months. Some of the trials and tribulations of these errands have included: Buying supplies for the Leadership retreat (which included a two-page typed list) that came with it’s own set of challenges. Who knows what a “ripe pineapple” or “ripe watermelon” looks like anyway?  (Apparently not Siri.) One out of two isn’t terrible, I guess. What I was great at was picking out the office candy. (Sorry I was always tempting your addiction to sweets, Amanda.) 

7. The Lunches
I’m laughing even now reminiscing on my thoughts from the beginning of this summer. “Revel has a full size kitchen so it’ll be perfect to bring my lunch, eat healthy and save money.” Little did I know, lunch is king around here and is taken very seriously. There’s always something to celebrate: a birthday, an anniversary, a first day on the job, a Friday (or a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday!) The Revelers believe there is no better way to celebrate than with food. I’ve been introduced to some new places like Jersey Mike’s, St. Michaels and FD’s Grillhouse and have introduced the office to one of my favorite spots, Druff’s. 

Fun fact: Since I started here, we’ve had 2 welcome lunches, 4 birthday lunches and 3 anniversary lunches. (Perfect for the summer bod.)

6. The Stories
There’s nothing better than the stories brought back to the office. The best part about Mondays is hearing everyone’s weekend tales.  (Because let me tell you— no one that works here ever seems to have a boring weekend.)

5.The CEO
Nicole is a mixture of what you’d expect from a CEO and everything you wouldn’t expect from a CEO. She’s determined, organized and cares about Revel more than most things. She is also hilarious, personable and carefree, all at the same time. I will always admire the way she runs this business and her Bachelorette watch parties. I’ll miss her essential oils and good taste in restaurants the most.

4.The Creative Department
#SquadGoals could sum up how I feel about the Creative Department here at Revel. They’re entertaining, perfect the creation of every project and keep a positive attitude when projects don’t always go as planned. 

To Amanda: Thanks for bringing your dog to work and introducing me to the all-mighty bullet journal. 

To Michael: Thanks for always making everyone laugh, appreciating my pre-made coffee in the mornings the most and playing Pokemon Go without constantly talking about playing Pokemon Go. 

To Chris: Thanks for keeping the office entertained when I wasn’t around to do so and appreciating the fact that I fed your Coke Zero addiction by keeping the fridge full of them.

And to the newest member, Cameron: Thanks for being Chandler when Amanda gets our names mixed up. Hopefully you can go back to Cameron when I’m gone. 

3. The Marketing & Accounts Department
These three have been the Northern Star to my summer and have always been there when I have the smallest or biggest questions. We’ve shared countless tid-bits in department meetings, distracted each other with Jimmy Fallon clips and brainstormed amazing ideas for both our clients and ourselves when it comes to anything marketing. 

To Hayley: Thanks for being the sweetest person even after I transfer your 6th phone call of the day to your phone. 

To Shelby: Thanks for your mutual love of cheese, social media and Steel Magnolias. Also thank you for never getting tired of my questions. 

To my Girl Boss Megan: Thanks for trusting me, encouraging me, letting me make mistakes and introducing me to the Chipotle Chicken Cheese Steak at Jersey Mike’s.

2. The Social Media
I feel slightly like the Wizard of Oz pulling back the curtain, but surprise! I am the one that has been posting as @revelads on all platforms this summer and it’s been a blast. I’ve loved creating a voice for Revel on Twitter, posting my first boomerang on Instagram and laying out the blogs each week on our website. Also— sorry for blowing up your newsfeeds during the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest. (Still a mouthful, even months later.)

1. The Experience
What more can I say other than this was one of the best summer experiences thus far in my college career. I got a sneak peek of what the real world is like and have way more knowledge than any college course ever taught me. It wasn’t always easy, but it was exactly what I needed. 

So sure, I did a few things expected from your “typical intern,” but I was also able to do more than most interns. I will always remember Revel as a place I grew as a person and a professional and I’m sad my time is coming to an end. 

So to all the Revelers— You are the hardest goodbye I’ve had in my employment history. To all the college students reading this— don’t just imagine the internship of your dreams. Go out there and get it.