For Missouri State University students, back to school means back to the football stadium, volleyball court and soccer field. It means maroon and white everything. Tailgates. Cheering in the stands. And hashtagging #BearUp on all game day posts. Every year Revel joins in the Bear pride by designing all of Missouri State University Athletics’ marketing collateral and this year we had an especially fun time doing so.

Our design team considered every angle from subtle and relaxed to sharp and intense. After sifting through ideas and mocking up a few favorites, MSU decided on a concept that really represents the intensity and determination of Missouri State’s athletes.

Hyper-detailed black and white imagery was used paired alongside MSU’s trademark maroon to highlight specific areas of each of the athletes in the designs. Because these designs need to work across a variety of platforms, the challenge is always to develop a versatile and adaptable look to create a cohesive brand no matter where it’s being used.

Being careful not to lose the brand equity that was established in last year’s concepts, we paid homage to the 2015-16 season by featuring the one-word adjectives to represent each team. Each team selected their own word, creating ownership and another way they can be bonded together as a team.

(2016 Design Top / 2015 Design Bottom) 

(2016 Design Top / 2015 Design Bottom) 

So put on your Bear Wear, hit the field and show your pride for these talented athletes. See you in the stands! #BearUp

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