We feel we can speak for all agencies out there when we say we care about your brand just as much as you do. This thing we call advertising is all about partnership, and that is at the root of all agency-client relationships. You, the client, want someone to take your brand to the next level using resources you, more likely than not, don’t have in house. We, the agency, want to bring you creative ideas and be an extension of your team as we uncover ways for you to succeed that you haven’t thought of before. The key to being an agency’s favorite client is summed up in one simple word—partnership. It’s not who has the biggest budget or the “coolest” product. It really all boils down to if you value the bonds of partnership.

Building that relationship isn’t always an easy road, but in our experience, if you follow these simple steps, your relationship with your agency will flourish–as will your business.

#1. Set expectations early

In the initial meetings with your agency, it’s okay to lay down the law with budgets and must-haves. Tell them what you like and what you don’t like, what you’re open to and what just won’t fly. (Trust us, we like that!) Be flexible and keep an open mind to their suggestions, (because you know we’ll have them!) but know that they’ll understand whatever position you’re in. If you’ve found the right agency for you, they’ll be up to the challenge to deliver bold ideas under any circumstance, deadline, budget or restriction–just don’t forget to tell them up front!

#2. Communication leads to appreciation

Open communication is key to any healthy relationship. It is no different with your agency! If there are changes in your team or schedules, tell them.  If the scope of the project is going to change, give your agency bff (otherwise known as your Account Executive) a ring! These may seem like common sense, but there are things that sometimes get overlooked when you work with an agency that is off-site.  However, communication is a two-way street! If your primary contact isn’t regularly checking in with you and keeping you up-to-date with all of the happenings with your account, a key piece of the puzzle is missing!

#3. Be responsive

The client-agency relationship works best when each party has a go-to person. On the agency side, that is probably your AE. You may chat occasionally with other members of the team, but you know you can always get the answer you need from that one person. Same goes for your side of things! Give your agency a single point of contact and let them know the best ways to reach them and what their typical response time is.

 #4. Know your deadlines

Different projects have different timelines. Knowing your specific needs and deadlines can help your agency plan for your project and, quite possibly, plan ahead! If you know what you’re going to need for the year, don’t feel like you have to wait until it “gets closer.” Go right ahead and tell your agency about it and let them do the planning for you! This results in less pressure for you to remember things, and fewer tight deadlines for your agency–it’s a win-win!

#5.  Be open to new ideas

You hire an agency because they bring something to the table that you need–creativity and expertise. Agencies love it when a client will give them the freedom to let their creative juices flow and come up with something completely new and out there. That is what makes our jobs EXTRA fun and is a value to the clients that is hard to put a price on. After all, agencies are jam-packed with creative people. God love ‘em! However, what makes it even MORE exciting, is when the client gets in on the action too and encourages the creativity and adds their valuable input into the process. Working together to come up with a dynamite creative idea that was built together sweetens the entire client-agency bond.

So if you are tired of “dating around” and are looking to commit to a grown-up relationship with an agency, try these five steps and see if it helps to seal the deal. And if you think Revel might be the one for you, we’d love to chat! Give us a shout at howdy@reveladvertising.com