Happy 2017! It’s a new year and you know what that means- New Year resolutions, new life mantras and most importantly new ads! Although 2016 is over and it’s time to start fresh, we figured we’d give one last ode to our favorite advertisements over the past year before we say goodbye to the old and hello to the new.

The Olympics provide an extremely visible platform for marketers and this year’s Summer Olympics were no exception. Many Revelers loved the advertising that the Olympics gave us. This P&G Thank You, Mom commercial was a top winner for Megan, who said it made her cry like a baby every time she saw it, and then call her Mom.

Shelby and Cameron also loved all things Olympics. They both chose Under Armour’s ad featuring Michael Phelps as their 2016 top choice. The determination that goes into being an Olympic athlete is truly enough to give you chills.

Aside from the intense tone of the Olympics, many Revelers loved ads that made them smile. It’s rare that a company lets their employees create the advertising for their own brand, but that’s exactly the strategy that Johnsonville took this year. You can imagine the ridiculousness that came as a result, which is what made this Chris’ top pick.

House of Cards is one of Nicole’s favorite shows, so of course it also produced her favorite ad! The irony and creativity behind the FU2016 campaign to announce the new season was inventive, entertaining and deserving of recognition.

Kelsey loves Christmas and Apple, so the combination of the two was a winner for her. Apple’s Frankie’s Christmas ad gave a heartwarming message of unity that we all needed at the end of this year.

If you watched the 2016 Super Bowl, then you probably laughed as much as Amanda did at Heinz Weiner Stampede commercial. Some people watch the Super Bowl for the game. Others watch it for the epic commercials. We think it’s safe to say this year’s lineup did not disappoint! (Even though the Panthers did.)

Spotify. We all tune in. We all have our favorite playlists. We all are being tracked. Spotify knows what song you listened to and how many times. Creepy? Yes. Cool? Also yes. These analytics inspired a unique campaign that made their billboard advertising Carley’s favorite in 2016. Of the ads shown in the article, her favorite is "Dear person who played 'Sorry' 42 times on Valentine’s Day, what did you do?" (We’d like to know as well.)

Were one of these ads a favorite of yours this year? Or did we miss one you think should have made the list? Tell us why in the comments section below!

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