When I started as an Office Assistant at Revel Advertising I had no idea how advertising worked, how an agency functioned, or even what a creative department was. I felt like I was majorly in over my head. I never could have guessed how much I would learn in my role and how much I would come to love this place in the time to follow. And I also would never have guessed the number of ridiculous/ hilarious things (inside and outside the office) that I would witness from my view at the front desk.

If graduating and leaving my life at Missouri State wasn’t hard enough, adding Revel to the list of goodbyes made it a thousand times harder. It isn’t easy to say goodbye to a group of people that taught me more than I could’ve ever imagined in such a short period of time.

So many times we’ve joked about how our team is just like a family. Each individual member has been such a huge part in shaping my time at Revel. I have to give a shout out to each person’s unique quirks and personality traits that I am going to miss the most (to add to the laundry list of things I am going to miss about this crazy family.)

Nicole isn’t just a normal office mom, she’s a COOL office mom. She has taught me to work hard and to put in the extra hours to attain your goals, never forgetting to celebrate the small victories along the way. Her example as a leader has shown me that you never have to give up kindness to be successful. She has also taught me more about essential oils than I think anyone else could! Thanks for always trying to heal me with your remedies Nicole!

Some of my favorite things about Amanda are that we’ve bonded over our obsession with cute glasses and our favorite coffee mugs and creamers. She also has shown me what it means to “see beyond yourself,” one of our core values, and to never hesitate to give time to teammates when they’re struggling. Thanks for always helping me out!

Cameron is always one of the best dressed in the office, but never wants to have his picture taken (see photo below)! He puts up with us always picking on him and laughs along, like when he takes his daily banana breaks even though we tease him about it constantly. He’s taught me to appreciate great design, how to keep succulents alive and the importance of lunch-time walks to get some fresh air. Thanks for always keeping me company during lunch time, Cam. 

The biggest lesson Chris has taught me is that you should never put a limit on creativity. He is never afraid to share his ideas when they pop into his brain, no matter how big or small. No matter if it was at him or with him, Chris always gave me something to laugh about at work. Chris- thanks for showing me that you should never take yourself too seriously!

Megan’s trust in me as my boss has given me a huge sense of independence, something I lacked before. Her support and strategic mind always helped me see that any issue could be overcome. On top of that, she’s shown me what it means to be a true Harry Potter super-fan, to embrace a little office profanity and to balance life while becoming a dog-mom to Murphy (I'll miss you too, Murph). Thank you for your example Megan, and for providing us all with puppy time when we need it most. 

Shelby has always been my right-hand gal in the Revel office. She’ll always split a cookie or donut with me when we both know we shouldn’t eat the whole thing. She’s always been the social media partner I turn to when I need to take an artsy Instagram photo. Shelbs, thanks for being the best partner in crime in everything we do here!

Pretty soon my Revey’s will be packed up and there will be new face behind the front desk. Although I am only a very small piece of the incredible success in Revel Advertising’s future, the work family I’ve gained will always be a big piece of my life in Springfield that I now have to say goodbye to. To the Revel team— thanks for giving me an awesome example of comradery during the past few years to take with me on my next adventure. I am going to miss you all so much and won’t ever forget the things you’ve taught me! 

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