Do you sometimes find yourself sitting at your desk, trying to get work done and get your brain to cooperate with you and you’ve got nothing? You take a quick walk. Have a snack. But there is still no spark to start you in the right direction. Maybe you can chalk it up to a bad day OR maybe you just need a workspace that can help inspire ideas. Of course this isn’t Beauty and the Beast— your pen isn’t going to get up and start writing for you. Your mouse isn’t going to start wagging its tail. And the coffee pot definitely isn’t going be pouring you a freshly brewed cup. (But wouldn’t that be nice?) However, there is something magical about working in a creative space. It can get you motivated to “get ish done” as they say. Knowing what you need to stay focused and motivated is the first step in creating your perfect workspace. To help you out a little more, here are some things to think about in your own office space:

How functional is my space?

Obviously if you have a hard time actually doing your job in the space you’re in, that is the first problem. This can be a huge hindrance to your productivity. Your job is hard as it is, no reason to make it even harder with a space that doesn’t work for you. Write down your must-haves to start working and then make those happen. Sometimes starting from scratch is the best thing you can do. 

Does my space meet my social needs?

If you work better when you get to collaborate with the people around you, a secluded office on the other side of the building probably isn’t the best place for your creative space. On the other hand, if you enjoy working by yourself or get distracted easily by Jim down the hall (who always strikes up a conversation every time he walks by your door) make sure you at least have the option of being able to close yourself off from your coworkers so you can get some peace and quiet. 

Does my space meet my psychological needs?

The way you decorate your office should ultimately reflect your taste and be an expression of who you are (and not freakin’ Jim down the hall who “likes Helvetica better.”) If something about your office doesn’t put a smile on your face or get you excited to be at work when you walk in, change something so it does. Being in the right mood when you’re working will contribute to the strength and success of your work.

Does this lamp make my office look fat?

If your needs are the beast, your space can be the beauty. Next thing you know, boom, you have a handsome prince on your hands and the copy machine is busting out into song. Either that or Jim down the hall has his wife on speakerphone again (close your door Jim.) Having the right space is all about what you need, who you are and what you do for your company. You may not have free reign to hang things from the wall or move things around, but you can definitely find small ways to bring your personality into the space you spend the majority of your time. So don’t let your office building’s restrictions stop you from asking yourself these questions and taking matters into your own hands to create the space that will inspire you.

Fortunately for us Revelers, we have the green light to customize our own space because we know it can boost the productivity and moral of the whole agency. We also believe in creating an environment throughout the shared space of the office that the whole team can be proud to call their home. We love showing off our space to our clients and friends so here’s a little glimpse of our creative space that will hopefully inspire you to make some changes in your own space.