By: Kyle Drenon

Kyle joins us on the Revel blog all the way from Primrose Street in Springfield. He is the Director of Marketing for Murney Associates and is absolutely killing it in the blog-world. Follow The Murney Blog here.

Digital life has really consumed us in a way that no other medium has. Social media specifically is perhaps the greatest innovation in communication since the printing press, due to its ability to connect us directly to the potential customer in a two-sided exchange. No other medium offers this kind of correspondence. No other medium offers as much access either.

The average person will spend more time on social media in their lifetime than they will eating or drinking according to a study by Social Media Today. That’s probably not overwhelmingly shocking if you’ve been around any living, breathing humans in the past 10 years or so. It takes what, three or four minutes to eat a meal? I mean, I barely get through the credits of a TV show. But scrolling through my Twitter feed to see all of Jeff Houghton’s one liners takes time (the guy is a one-liner machine). 

The importance of digital marketing is nothing new, but still so many companies have under utilized the medium or are trying to make it something it’s not. Treating social as a broadcast channel is a mistake. Speaking only about your inventory will bore your followers. Enhancing their use of the medium they’re on is the key to good digital marketing.

Here’s a few examples of companies who are doing it right in Springfield.

 Mother’s Brewing Video Shorts

Why it works: Have you seen them? They’re beautifully produced by Locke + Stache. They’re short enough to keep our brief attention spans and they’re intriguing. The use of a thematic storyline to coincide with the personality of the beer in question is a deft maneuver that leaves the viewer feeling connected to the product.  The concept of drinking a beer in the shower is not exactly the most glamorous proposition, but this video liberates inhibitions, which perfectly coincides with the product.

The Springfield News-Leader’s Captain Springfield Bracket

Why it works: Ok, if you paid attention to the tournament at all, you know I was a pretty big fan of it. The creators of the tournament have thrown me a little bit of shade in the past, asking if I was jealous of the idea. You’re damn right I am. This is local influencer targeting at its best. The Captain Springfield piece not only recognized locals for being cool, it also encouraged campaigning on the part of friends of the people selected. This idea is basically suggesting that readers provide free advertising for the piece, which normally wouldn’t get you very far, but in this case, it really worked. Congrats to the Captain, by the way.

Springfield CVB’s The Perfect Pie

Why it works: Because it’s interesting. I mean it’s an article about pizza. Many digital marketers will stress the importance of SEO as science and this is completely true. Search Engine Optimization is a legitimate science that is a vital part of a content marketing strategy.


If you make good assets on your site, people will pay attention. If you have assets on your site like this one, people will pay attention to what you do and they’ll visit you without going through SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Hurt’s Donuts on Facebook

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 4.52.07 PM.jpg

Why it works: It’s too tough to pick one thing Hurt’s does correctly on Facebook. They are immensely clever in utilizing the medium itself. In the example above, they generated more than 18,000 comments by asking their fans to comment the word Duck until the manager of the page commented Goose. Now, that might not sound like much, but it spread the post to many of the connections the commenters have on Facebook at no cost to Hurt’s.

Another example is when Hurt’s asks people to comment with the @ symbol and a letter, then says the first person that pops up to be tagged has to buy you a donut. This also spreads out the post exponentially from Facebook’s lacking organic reach.

They’ve built their Facebook page to nearly 100,000 using these techniques. Understanding the medium is extremely important and these folks prove it everyday.  I guess McLuhan was right.

If all of this is giving you the sweats, don’t worry. There are plenty of places that can help you develop a strategy for your social media goals. One particular advertising agency comes to mind...

Are there any other businesses in Springfield you've noticed that are particularly on their digital A-game? Send us your thoughts in the comments below!