In a world of VSCO filters and aesthetically pleasing Instagram profiles, you will definitely find cutting edge profiles from Springfield, MO. With unique architecture, breathtaking scenery and fun hot spots, Springfield is the perfect subject for that trendy Instagram pic!

Quite a few people in 417-land have tapped into our local beauty and have the Instagram profiles to prove it. We’ve been hard at work creepin’ on our favorite local Instagrammers and we have it narrowed down to our top 10! Chances are you’ve heard of some of these accounts and now is the time to follow them!


Capturing the beauty of the Ozark Mountains.

Why we love it: Aesthetic af. With over 78,000 followers, Jeff’s pictures have captured the attention of people from all over the world. He does an outstanding job showing off the Ozark mountains, specifically northwestern Arkansas. Follow him to fill your feed full of jaw-dropping photos. 


Springfield’s very own Instagram celebrity. 

Why we love it: Kreativ31 is just as equally mysterious as he is familiar. His content is relatable and trendy and even with having followers from around the globe, his content all ties back to Springfield.


Display of Springfield’s culture.

Why we love it: Springfield CVB is everywhere, all the time. If there is an event in Springfield, they’re probably in attendance 9/10 times. They also do a fabulous job allowing local Springfieldians to take over the account in the #weekendtakeover series which gives us a look into the life of a fellow citizen!


The best local brew.

Why we love it: We LOVE beer. Especially local beer. Mother’s Instagram keeps us excited about the brewery and what is happening behind the scenes. They demonstrate how they are so much more than a brewery… they are a world-class brand.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 3.13.59 PM.jpg


Springfield’s very own interior design firm.

Why we love it: Get all the design tips you need from this local design firm. They have great taste and they lead the industry by providing insight on upcoming interior trends. They have everything you need to recreate your space in their downtown showroom, which is often featured on their Instagram page.  


How to live the best possible life in the 417.

Why we love it: You can always turn to 417 Magazine to find out what’s going on locally. From highlights of local restaurants and attractions to hidden gems you’ve never heard of… leave it 417 to show you everything.


Unique to Springfield, Golden Girl has made their mark downtown.

Why we love it: They are an excellent example of how one of Springfield’s favorite bars keeps people excited through Instagram. GG is the perfect place to geek out over awesome cocktails (with even better cups) and try to snap a trendy photo for your own gramming purposes.


It’s All Downtown!

Why we love it: The Downtown Association not only uses IG to show off what’s going on downtown but they also play a big part in planning events! Their account is your ultimate guide to all things downtown!


One word. Two syllables. Baseball.

Catching a Springfield Cardinals game is a 417-land summer essential. Can’t make it to Hammons Field? No problem…the Cards have an awesome Instagram account you can follow to keep up with the team and their success! Showing everything from game highlights to behind the scenes, you won’t miss a beat!

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 9.44.50 AM.jpg


One stop shop to everything Springfield.

Why we love it: @showmespringfieldmo is a hodge podge of most of our favorite accounts. They have everything from downtown to new restaurants and local features like @Kreativ31. To really see everything Springfield has to offer, you’ll want to follow this account.

After looking through all of these Instagrams, it has definitely inspired our own gram. Follow @revelads on Instagram to see what we’re doing here and get a glimpse of #agencylife

What are some Instagram accounts that you love? Comment your feedback below!