Featuring Nicole Jarratt

Describe your business in 3 words or fewer.
Creative, strategic, holistic. That’s hard! I want to say so many more.

What are you most excited about for the future of Revel?
Our clients. As we grow we get more and more opportunities to work with some really amazing companies and we definitely don’t take that lightly.

What makes this company different from other ad agencies out there?
Our team. The people who make up Revel are the most dedicated, hard working and incredible people I know. When you put a group like ours together, you get something really special.

You and your husband, Chris, started Revel five years ago and have built a great team of individuals who have really shaped the eclectic atmosphere and energetic work environment that’s been established. What are some of the distinct traits you look for when adding members to the team?
Aside from an obvious skill set, I look for people who are genuine, who have integrity and passion and are ready to be a team player.

What is your most memorable moment at Revel?  
One night, while working late, our janitorial company came in to clean, and not knowing that anyone was still here, one of the cleaners was singing Cher at the top of her lungs. I started recording so I could snap it to Amanda (our Art Director) and Megan (our Marketing Manager) but I forgot that Snapchat plays back your video when you’re done recording. Right as she walked into my office to empty my trash, her own singing started playing out of my phone. To try to cover it up, I quickly picked up my phone and pretended I was talking to someone.

What is the most difficult lesson you have learned as Owner & CEO of a small business?
Knowing how to build the right team for Revel was, and still is, the most difficult lesson I’ve learned. One of the hardest, but most important parts of my job, is finding the right people to add to our team, at the right time. I love Jim Rohn’s quote

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

As a small business, that rings very true.

You have your hands in every aspect of the agency, which clearly takes a very special person to be able to manage. Which five distinct adjectives would you use to describe yourself?
I had to get some help from my team for this one, here’s what they said: 

  • Determined
  • Helpful
  • Adaptable
  • Confident
  • Devoted

What motivates you?
Pride. As long as I can be proud of what I’m doing, I’ll put everything I have into it.

What is the most rewarding aspect about your role as CEO? What’s the most challenging?
You said it best; being involved in every aspect of the business is the most rewarding to me. I love looking back at the end of the week at everything we accomplished and knowing I had a hand in helping make that happen. That’s also the most challenging aspect of my role, because every day it’s something new. There’s no way to prepare for what you’re going to face that day when you’re involved in it all.

What advice would you give young professionals just beginning their careers who have aspirations of running a company one day?
Don’t run a company just for the sake of running one, find something you love and take charge from there.

Describe your typical day.
I’m a natural problem solver, so I find myself giving advice all day long. Often it’s solicited, sometimes not so much. Either way, I can be counted on to offer a potential solution to whatever we’re facing.

What did you study in college and how did a college education help you prepare for this position?
As a college student, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I went from Forensic Science to History and finally landed on Business. What I learned most from my college experience was how to find my strengths and use them.

What inspired you and Chris to start your own agency?
Chris and I are both very result-oriented people and we always knew neither one of us was ever going to be happy in a role we didn’t create for ourselves. What we figured out early on is that his creativity and ability to imagine the possibilities and my strategic ability to figure out the path to the possibilities made us a pretty great team. Once we learned how to focus our strengths toward a common goal, we knew we were ready to start Revel.