A brand promise is a company’s vow to their customers. When you create your brand promise, it needs to be undeniably kept every single time. Think of it as your pinky promise to your customers. Nobody breaks a pinky promise…that would be unthinkable.

Why do you need one?
There are other companies out there that do something along the same lines (or the same thing!) that you do. What makes you different? For starters, your promise to them does. This is what differentiates you from your competition. Your promise is an extension of your company’s positioning and is one of the most powerful aspects of branding.

How do you make yours great?
A great brand promise must follow these three guidelines:

  1. It must convey a compelling benefit.
  2. It must be authentic and credible.
  3. The promise must be kept, every time.

Keeping your Brand Promise
The number one rule, the golden rule if you will, is to keep your brand promise. Having your brand promise publicized can be risky because if your company falls short of your promise, your sales and even worse, your reputation will most likely decrease. Don’t let this frighten you. This is a chance worth taking. If your business is confident in it’s abilities and able to fulfill its promise to customers, it has a great potential to be the leader in the market.

To make your life a lot easier in the brand promise keeping department, get your employees on board! Educate your employees on what exactly your promise means and make sure they are aware of your company values. This can be done through training programs, regular staff meetings and even staff evaluations. If staff members know they are being evaluated on how well they uphold the company’s values and promises, the likelihood of them taking the promise seriously goes way up. Employees come into direct contact with your customers on a daily basis and they must offer the type of experience that correlates with your brand promise.

Powerful Brand Promises
Now that you know what a brand promise is, and how to make sure you keep it, here are some examples of industry leaders who constantly serve their customers and are backed behind some powerful brand promises: 

  • The NFL- “To be the premier sports and entertainment brand that brings people together, connecting them socially and emotionally like no other.”
  • Apple – “Think Different.”
  • Virgin- “To be genuine, fun, contemporary, and different in everything we do at a reasonable price.”
  • Starbucks “To inspire and nurture the human spirit—one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.”
  • The Nature Conservancy – “Empowering you to save the wilderness.”
  • Coca-Cola “To inspire moments of optimism and uplift.”

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