There was a time where the most popular Halloween costumes were princesses, witches and super heroes. These days, the pressure is on to come up with the most creative and most talked about costume. These costumes are heavily influenced by  pop culture, with a particular focus on politics, movies, scandals and everything in between.

Take a look at these ambitious Halloween costumes you may catch trick-or-treating  in a neighborhood near you:


This year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show brought on an unforgettable act. Not the woman who has had multiple top hits on the music charts, oh no. We’re talking about her dancing shark…the left one to be exact. So much attention was given to this halftime performance so don’t be surprised if you see a couple of sharks and a black wigged girl in a crazy colorful outfit walking around this Halloween.

This costume requires a suit, tie and a bad comb over to mimic this new member in the political arena. The Donald Trump look is all about the theatrics, so don’t bother unless you are committed to going around and pointing at people yelling, “You’re fired!”


The Blue/Black White/Gold Dress
Social media sparked a true scandal this year when the picture of this dress was released. People were confused, argued and possibly ruined friendships over whether the dress was white and gold or blue and black. Either way, we all can agree it was not particularly chic. So do it. We dare you. Dress up as this world-ending controversy for the night and spark some conversation this Halloween. (PS I think it’s gold and white.) 

Bad Blood Girls
Another costume idea for this season stems from THE pop culture icon of recent years- Taylor Swift. Her Bad Blood music video that premiered on the Billboard Music Awards on May 17 has been the epic breakup song ever since. The costume pays homage to Taylor and her “girl squad” that strut behind her in blazing fire, each with different skillsets, awesome names and weaponry. 


Star Wars
Kids and adults alike are raving over Star Wars costumes this season. It probably has something to do with the release of the latest movie trailer our Creative Director, Chris, has watched about 14,000 times. 1.8 million children will dress in a Star Wars themed costume and it ranked 5th for adults this year.  This is your warning: If you dress up like Han Solo, Princess Leia, Yoda or another force filled character, you will be in good company.

Inside Out
This Disney/ Pixar children’s movie starring the emotions living inside you has been a huge hit since it’s release this summer. This makes for some super cute Halloween costumes for all ages.  


Hunger Games
The final Hunger Games movie comes out the week after Halloween. Braid your hair and grab your bow to dress up as your favorite heroine, Katniss Everdeen, before it’s old news next Halloween.

US Women’s National Soccer Team
For those of you who are more into the sporty look, plan to see some knee-high socks and jerseys. A great group costume idea premiering this Halloween is the US Women’s National Soccer Team due to their World Cup victory this year. 


Ridiculous Miley Cyrus Outfits (as featured on this year’s VMAs)
What would pop culture be without the scandal that is Miley Cyrus? Miley “can’t stop, won’t stop” dressing like a train wreck. Be prepared for skimpy leotards, orange visors, red lip skirts and blonde dreads. 


Back in the day, if you dressed as a pumpkin or witch, you were one of a million. These days, you’d stand out! With society and pop culture so heavily influencing our costume choices, the pressure is on to come up with something that is deemed worthy of the coveted “Best Costume Award” at your Halloween party this year. Good luck and please share your photos of some of the best costumes you see this weekend!