In the (semi) words of Taylor Swift, “the blogger’s gonna blog, blog, blog, blog, blog.” It’s true. Blogging is a (not so) new form of social media that companies are using as a marketing tool to set them apart from their competitors. Let us be clear. HAVING a blog does not set you apart from your competitors. Everyone is doing it these days. It is the CONTENT you put on your blog that does it. That’s the golden ticket right there. Content marketing is all the rage and for very good reason. Sure it helps with your SEO (search engine optimization) but it does so much more. For instance…

Blogging gives your company an identity and a voice. Blogs can show a more personal side of your business… The personality and content in your blog can give a little glimpse inside the culture of your company and the expertise you provide. Speaking of…

Having a blog also establishes authority. By creating helpful and informative content, people see you as an expert in your field. As they should! You know your stuff, which makes you a credible source, so why not toot that knowledge horn of yours and share your thoughts with everyone! 

Your blog is also a channel to help you get discovered on social media. The creation of your blog is the creation of content people can SHARE. This helps expose your business to brand new audiences and generates word of mouth. Genius? We know. Did you realize you were reading OUR blog? 

Sounds easy enough, right? It’s not all sunshine and roses in the blogging world, however. In order for your blog to do what you want it to do for your business, it takes constant attention and time– lots of time. There must be regular posts and the ability to stick to a pretty strict schedule. Also, don’t forget to implement a solid editing process to keep errors at bay. Keep in mind that tangible results take time, so be patient.  Once you’ve established your blog, it will only be a matter of time before you see the benefits shining through.  

Using Blogs to Market Your Business
One of the latest trends in marketing is to use social or lifestyle blogs to market your business. Individuals who make their living from their blog rely on advertisers and sponsors to generate their income. Businesses pay these individuals to promote their product and they reap the benefits of having their company spoken very highly of by a person who has won the hearts of thousands of people who tune into their blog posts each week. Need an example? Cup of Jo is the blog of Joanna Goddard, trendy NYC writer and mom who shares helpful tips, fun tidbits and personal stories with readers each week. Occasionally, you’ll read a (not so subtle) post about The Honest Company and how fabulous their products are and how her family only uses them. We’re not in cahoots with The Honest Company to see if their sales spike after a Cup of Jo blog post, but we’re guessing at least a handful of the 1,514 people who COMMENTED on this post have since purchased an Honest product or two. 

To recap:
Adding a blog to your company’s marketing efforts is a great idea if you have the time, resources and content to regularly populate it. It is also becoming more and more common to see large companies see the benefit of hitching their wagons to some of society’s most beloved bloggers as a great PR and marketing tool. Blogs are a fantastic marketing tool that, when done correctly, can do wonders for your business. 

Have questions about how to create a content strategy and start your own blog? Revel can help! We’d love to share our insights with you!

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