Fireworks, hotdogs, lake weekends and homemade apple pie. These are just a few things that come to mind when you think of the 4th of July. While we love these things just as much as the next American, it is also important that we remember the true reason behind this celebration—our independence, secured by our service men and women. In honor of their sacrifice every day, the Revelers took some time to show those fighting for our freedom just how truly thankful we are for their service and sacrifice. 

So with patriotic music blaring in the background (thanks to Director of Accounts, Shanda!) the team came together for a fun celebration and opportunity to give members of our military a small token of our gratitude for all they do for our beautiful nation. What better way than a traditional, heartfelt, all-American thank you card with the soulful sound of Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” to inspire you? Our team of creatives (and team members who became creative for the day) had lots of fun cutting/pasting/decorating these cards and sending them to the people who work 24/7 to protect us.

Our marketing intern, Shelby, spearheaded this project and found an organization called “A Million Thanks” that will take care of delivering our letters to our heroes in the military. The website even shows some of the responses from those who have received cards through the program. Some of our favorites from the responses were:

I want to say thank you for what you are doing for all of us, and especially for the men and women overseas that take comfort in knowing people like you are thinking about them.
Your support and patriotism has helped strengthen the resolve of our Marines. It’s people like you that keep the Marines motivated and proud to serve our country.
You have definitely hit it on the head; support from home makes a big difference to us and is an enormous morale booster.

Click here to checkout the website and for more information on how you can send cards of thanks and encouragement to our military men and women.

As 4th of July weekend comes, enjoy the beautiful fireworks, the home cooked meals and time spent with friends and family. But also remember to celebrate our freedom, which would not be possible without our heroes serving our country. We are forever in your debt.