Brokate Janitorial is a family-owned and operated janitorial service company that has been in operation since 1995. Brokate offers unsurpassed quality and superior value, but they found that their brand image did not accurately reflect their capabilities. They came to Revel with a desire to freshen their brand and position themselves as an industry leader in quality service.

Their proposals at the time were rather dated and caused them to miss out on a lot of opportunity because of how they were perceived in the marketplace. A large part of this rebrand was to transform the existing proposals as well as redesign their logo and other key branding essentials. These items included their company vehicles, website, stationary and other various marketing collateral.  

So what were the results?

We asked the executive Vice President Jeremy Brokate the impact he has seen since the rebrand. Since the start of the Brokate/Revel relationship at the end of 2013, Brokate has grown from 35 employees to 62 employees. As far as client growth, they added 22 clients in 2014 and an additional 12 clients so far this year—several of which include multiple properties.

Jeremy Brokate also spoke to the increase in the company’s ability to close sales calls. “We have noticed a significant jump in our closing percentage the past 12 months,” said Brokate. (He estimated Brokate’s close percentage to have increased somewhere between 50-75%.) “More importantly than quantity, Brokate has been successful in acquiring quality customers looking for long-term relationships. These new clients looked at which janitorial service would give them the best value, as opposed to strictly cost.”

Overall, Brokate’s revenue has increased by 80% since working with Revel.

Enough from us, let’s hear from the client:

We’ve been working with Revel Advertising for almost 2 years now. The work they have done for our company has been outstanding. Revel re-branded our company with a new logo, website, marketing materials, business proposals and on-going advertising campaigns. Revel has truly helped our business flourish with their brilliant work and they have always personally invested themselves into seeing our company succeed. The success of their clients speak to the level of quality and commitment Revel brings to the table. I could go on about their high level of design, creativity and expertise, but if you give them a call, you’ll see for yourself.
— Jeremy Brokate


At Revel, we feel a brand should reflect who you are. Brokate’s brand now illustrates their culture of quality and professionalism and we are proud of the evolution of this great company’s brand and the work they’ve done to accomplish it.  

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