Potato, Pot-a-to. Tomato, Tom-a-to. Copyrighting, Copywriting. In this instance, this one matters. Copyrighting refers to the ownership of intellectual property. Copywriting refers to the use of written copy to promote a business/entity where the ultimate purpose is to grow your client base.

In a world where our attention spans seem to get shorter each day, there is a real need to produce commanding copy to compliment your advertising. Don’t underestimate the power of the written word. So what does it take to beat writer’s block, produce quality and exciting content and ultimately cut through the advertising clutter using your words? Here are a few tricks of the trade that will make you the best copywriter on the block.

  1. Do More Research
    The more, the merrier. Gathering as much information as you can will give you options B, C, D, E & F that you can pull out of your big brain of knowledge to help when you are looking for new angles.
  2. May I Please Have Your Attention?
    Like the ‘ding, ding, ding’ of a glass before a toast, your title must grab your audience’s attention. Same with the opening line. This must spark the interest of your audience so they care enough to read on.
  3. KISS
    Keep it simple stupid. We won’t contradict ourselves here. Be clear and concise with your writing and make sure readers know how to contact you for more information.
  4. Call to Action
    This creates an urgency to respond and close a sale. If you want the reader to do something, you have to tell them. They’re not mind readers! (That we know of!)
  5. Break the Rules
    (Insert shocking gasp from your 11th grade English teacher.) This is not a time to follow the mechanical guidelines but to speak and really connect to your audience in a way that they will understand.
  6. Know Your Audience
    Know who you are talking to. If your target market is teenagers, use language they will understand. (Totes harder than it looks.) Basically, you want your copy to sound as if you are talking specifically to them, because you are.
    There should never be a single grammatical error or typo in your writing. It is easy to get ahead of yourself and make a silly mistake. Weave all ben their. Don’t ruin your credibility because you didn’t take a minute to get another pair of eyes to proofread.
  8. Appeal to Emotion
    The main driving emotions are fear, greed, guilt, exclusivity, anger, salvation and flattery. Have a little fun with your writing and really play to the emotions of your audience.
  9. Don’t Be Clever
    It is okay to be playful with your words sometimes. Keep in mind the type of content in order to communicate efficiently and effectively. Don’t go overboard.

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