For the most part, we all spend more time at work than at home. Our industry requires some late nights and 40 plus hour work weeks. For this reason, it is critical for us to have our home away from home be a comfortable, inspiring environment. If it wasn’t, it could result in decreased productivity and the dreaded workday blues.

Here at Revel, we are lucky enough to have a building full of history and character that make it a place that gets our creative juices flowing. From the original hardwood floors, large windows with a the view of downtown Springfield and little personal touches, like our handmade side tables in the entryway or the wooden wall in the conference room, it is certainly a place we are happy to work in.

Each Reveler has taken their personal office space and transformed it into a place unique to them.  A place where organized chaos turns to creative genius. A place where a small sentiment can remind them of a special place or someone. Basically, their “Home Away From Home.”

Here is how our Marketing and Accounts Department gets inspired in their personal workspaces. Note: The word “cozy” is used often.


My office is my very own (work-in-progress) humble abode. I'm from North Carolina and miss it often so it brings me a lot of comfort to look around at the items on my walls and desk that I’ve collected from NC. My favorites, and the ones that make me smile the most, are the watercolor painting of two cows having tea (so random and colorful!) and little framed paintings made with alcohol inks that both came from my sweet former coworkers from Appalachian State University. Then there is my "Gold Inspiration" wall that is not only adorable but the words of encouragement also gives me a reminder that I have no limits to what I can accomplish. All I have to do is glance to the left. I've also recently added a candle to my not-often-tidy desk that just adds a little bit of cozy to the room. 

My office is still in the process of being decorated – I have two very bare walls that need some decor stat!! I really like color when it comes to my workspace. My desk is always covered in bright sticky notes and fun colored pens. I also like to have a good candle burning and, of course, a cup of coffee nearby to make the space cozy.

When it comes to how organized my office is, I think everyone probably knows by now that organization is my "thing." If you walk into my office, most mornings my desk is almost completely clear of clutter. Throughout the day it turns into "organized chaos" with random sticky notes everywhere, pens spread all about, 2-3 notebooks laying open... but before I leave for the day I usually try to have everything back in its place.

My office is shared with two graphic designers, so I feel like that helps the creative vibes rub off on me a bit. The walls are covered with two huge magnet boards so I have taken the liberty of  adding quotes and photos that give my space a little extra “happy.” Although it’s just minimal décor, it is an area where I am inspired and productive. I work a lot better in an organized area, so my desk is always tidy!

I really love my space in the front of the office. This is mostly because of all the natural light that comes through the windows! I'm always in a good mood when I can see some sunshine. 

Kelsey 3.jpg

I’d like to say my space is organized chaos but if I’m being honest it’s generally just chaos. My desk is usually the messiest (or second messiest after Chris) but I always seem to know where everything is. My inspiration comes from what I have on my walls. One wall is filled with pictures of my son, niece and nephew and it’s definitely where I look when I need a little break and want a reminder of the things that make me the happiest in life. I also have a corkboard covered in little notes and cards that people have given me that I just couldn’t throw away.