When you discover an organization in your community that is doing great things, you want to be a part of it, right? That is what we thought when we first met with the GLO Center. GLO is a place of love, acceptance and support of the LGBT+ community in Springfield and the surrounding areas and they wanted people to know what GLO is, but more importantly, why GLO exists and who it exists for.

After receiving grant money for advertising, GLO approached Revel to see how we could work together to maximize their marketing investment and increase awareness. We had something else in mind for them, though. As soon as our team heard about their mission and the awesome work they do for the community, we decided their cause was something we wanted to be involved in. We donated all of our marketing development and creative services to help give GLO the voice they deserved so all of their money could be spent on strategic initiatives. We reached out to many vendors in the community who also donated or heavily discounted their services because they too believed in the purpose of this campaign. It was amazing to see how this project started to unite the community before the campaign was even developed. 

The overall goal of this campaign was to create awareness about the LGBT+ community. Listening to the stories of GLO members and hearing first hand about not just the hurdles they face in the community, as well as within the legal system, but also the genuine support given to them from the friends they’ve made at GLO, was inspiring. We knew the only way to tell the story of GLO was to have GLO tell it. . So our concept: use real GLO members, their families and friends to tell their stories of life before GLO and how GLO impacted their lives.

Videos were created where GLO members and families spoke about their experiences as members and supporters of the LGBT+ community. The goal of the video was to have the community see their friends, neighbors and fellow Springfieldians telling their stories and connecting to the pain, tears, happiness and smiles seen when these people shared their stories.

We partnered with local production company, Blend, and it really just spiraled from there. Real quotes inspired the copy and true emotions were shown in the videos we shared, creating a truly authentic campaign. #IAmGLO was used as an anchor throughout all the different social media platforms to track how the campaign was spreading.

From there, we created a digital marketing campaign consisting of digital and social media ads, paid advertorials on online news sources and PR. These ads all pointed back to the GLO website where people could watch the general campaign video as well as individual’s videos. These tactics gave the message a broader reach and connected more people to the campaign even with a modest budget.

Social media has the tendency to grow a life of its own. We were hoping by using this as the main avenue for GLO’s campaign that it would do just that. In only two months the video has been viewed well over 70,000 times and more than 2,000 people clicked through the video to learn more about the campaign. The best part? The campaign isn’t even over yet so these stats will continue to grow!

Partnering with organizations like GLO provided an additional avenue for us to marry passion and creativity together to produce a genuine, authentic campaign that the GLO Center can use for many years to come.

“I was worried about beginning this entire experience, but the spectacular team at Revel helped us every single step of the way. We are a small nonprofit with limited resources, especially time. Chris, Hayley and all the Revelers made themselves available for questions, clarification, whatever we needed. With their dedication, understanding of our unique needs, and through their partnerships with other companies, every dollar budgeted was maximized to it’s fullest potential. On top of their superior customer service skills, they crafted an authentic way to showcase our work and impact on the lives of individuals here in the Ozarks. With their fresh, thoughtful eyes, they took the simple components we brought to the table and forged innovative content we can utilize for multiple projects and future goals. Chris and Nicole have brought together a fantastic team and I cannot thank them all enough."

-       Krista Moncado, GLO Center Executive Director

Revel With a Cause supports local non-profit organizations in their effort to share their message with the greater Springfield community. If you know of a non-profit in need of marketing and advertising support, reach out to us for a chance to become our next non-profit partner.