A dedication to our favorite parts of the holiday season.

Sometimes the holiday season just seems like a time of retail overload (or retail therapy for some) and possibly a little too much family time (sorry, Mom.) Truly, Christmas is a season of giving, good will and traditions. Here at Revel, we all have something that we love about the Christmas season. We think you’ll enjoy reading about a few of our favorite things:


I love the giving spirit in our society around this season and all of the traditions people take part in. It's always something to look forward to every year! I'm obsessed with that cinnamon/spice scent that comes with the holidays. I also love Christmas lights—they make neighborhoods and city streets look so magical! Another thing I love is that FreeForm (formerly ABC Family) plays Harry Potter Weekend all of the time leading up to Christmas. Basically, I love everything about the holiday season and miss it as soon as it ends.



My favorite Christmas tradition is getting to go help pick out a REAL tree. There is nothing like the smell of the house with a real evergreen inside— the fake ones just don’t cut it.



My favorite thing about Christmas is tradition. We have several traditions in our family and I look forward to them every year. From my side of the family it’s new pajamas on Christmas Eve and from Chris’ family it’s putting up the pewter bells. I love that we’ve combined traditions from both sides of our family for our son.


Christmas is my favorite holiday so I have a lot of favorite things. I love the decorations— wreaths, Christmas trees and lights bring the holiday spirit and are so homey and beautiful. I also enjoy Christmas movies. The Holiday is one that I will watch over and over again. (If I’m being honest, I watch it even when it’s not Christmas time.) My very favorite thing is being able to get together with friends and family to celebrate.



One of my favorite things about Christmas is all of the treats that come along with it. I LOVE eggnog, and I feel like it’s really the only appropriate time during the year to drink it. My grandma makes delicious nine layer bars and a million other kinds of cookies. I also love A Christmas Story, and it is on TV 24/7 at my house on Christmas day. I have seen it AT LEAST one hundred times.


My favorite thing about the holidays is decorating the Christmas tree at my parents’ house. We always do it the weekend after Thanksgiving. We make turkey pot pie with leftover Thanksgiving turkey and follow up the meal with Christmas cookies and apple cider. We decorate the tree to Christmas music and we always video the whole thing! (We’ve been doing this every year since I can remember but, thankfully, we’ve never watched any of those videos).



I would say that my favorite thing about Christmas is that everyone has time off work and school to spend with loved ones. For me, being able to experience the joy of giving to others is one of the best things about Christmas. The music is also wonderful! I just wish it were warmer outside...


I don’t really like Christmas. It’s SO much work! I get fat, it costs a lot of money, I could go on. But if I had to pick something it’s probably that good movies tend to come out right around Christmas. (I think it’s safe to say Chris is the office Scrooge!)

From your friends at Revel, we hope your holidays (as well as all of your days) are merry and bright! Merry Christmas!

What’s your favorite part of the holidays? Do you and a Reveler share the same favorite things? Let us know in the comments below!