Chapter 4: The Making of 3 Blind Mice

Three blind mice. Three blind mice. See how they run. See how they run.

The only place you’ll be running after this is to grab a case of this delectable brown ale. The famous nursery rhyme that lends its name to this Mother’s favorite was the inspiration behind the illustration on this label. If you haven’t already, check out how we brought the other Mother’s classics, Lil’ Helper and TowHead to life! (Now— back to the mice.)


Three Blind Mice, the brew itself, is inspired by Mother’s favorite qualities of English brown ales, German altbiers and Irish reds. Our original concepts took us down a long, weird road filled with hairy men, monks and hot tubs. Here are a few examples of some of the early concepts:

1.     We started with three men representing each culture in their traditional custom attire, putting aside their differences and agreeing upon at least one thing— a light-bodied brown beer.

2.     In a desire to stay close to the three monks on the original label, we also tried a concept where the monks were looking down at their beer and had facial hair that was custom to their particular culture.

3.     Taking it outside of the metaphorical box was a direction where the three men were all sitting in a hot tub, to make it just a little weirder.

A few brainstorming sketches by local artist, Kendra Miller.

A few brainstorming sketches by local artist, Kendra Miller.

If you’ve seen the final label for Three Blind Mice, you know by now there are no monks, no hairy men and no hot tubs. (Try not to be too disappointed.) We couldn’t quite figure out a way to fit them into the “Mother’s world” that we were creating alongside local artist, Kendra Miller who was illustrating all of the concepts. One thing that did fit was nursery rhymes. Enter the mischievous, yet oddly adorable three blind mice. (We did consider the “rub-a-dub-dub 3 men in a (hot) tub”  rhyme, but it was missing the “it” factor.) After many brainstorm sessions with Kendra, and tweaks here and there, the chosen illustration was the three blind, sneaky, little mice hiding from Mother behind beers on the counter. You can see Mother in the background and it gives you a little hint that MAYBE the butcher's wife in the nursery rhyme is actually Mother. (GASP!)

Kendra Miller's final sketch of 3 Blind Mice.

Kendra Miller's final sketch of 3 Blind Mice.

Color Choice

The original color of this package included black and browns. Brown ale, makes sense. However, all of the other beers received a brighter color palette during this refresh and we wanted to make sure all of the beers, when lined up next to each other, looked like a family of beers. So, we went with a rustier red/orange— giving the box a little more life!

The Perfect Pair

We saw the existing food pairings on the Mother’s packaging as a unique opportunity for them to stand out. (And who wouldn’t like to know how to better enjoy their brew?) Little icons were created to represent the foods that the brew master recommended to pair with each beer. This further tied in the feeling that the brew master was sitting with you, talking about the ins and outs of that beer.

Temp & Type

The Mother’s team may be quirky and fun people, but they are also serious about their beer. To further show their expertise in the craft brew industry, the ideal temperature of the beer and the type of glass it should be served in was added to the design. In case you were wondering, you should enjoy 3 Blind Mice at 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hidden Maze Message & Mother’s Heart

Looking for the hidden heart in 3 Blind Mice? Look no further than Mother’s apron. Also wondering about the secret message in the maze? Let’s just say we hope those three little mice are careful. If Mother catches them…CHOP! Off with their tails!

The final product!

The final product!

Our last “Week of Mother’s” post is sure to leave you blushing. We’ll be sharing the scandalous design details behind the flirty, pink ale, Blush! tomorrow…so stay tuned!