Chapter 5: The Making of Blush!

If you’ve been following along on our Mother’s journey, you’ve been enlightened to the creative process that went into giving our beloved Mother’s a holistic design worthy of Springfield’s best brewery. From the hoppy-go-lucky Lil’ Helper, and America’s favorite blonde, TowHead, to the dark and delicious 3 Blind Mice, we’ve deconstructed the thought process behind each of these illustrations and the content that was included in these new designs. After all of that, there is only one label left to talk about and that is Mother’s newest, refreshing summer flavor, Blush! This bottle label design is blushing pink with an illustration leaving something to the imagination…brew-la-la! 


The brainstorming session between local artist, Kendra Miller and our team was full of all kinds of scenarios that could make anyone blush. In the end, the original idea of accidentally seeing someone naked through a window, in this case, Mother, was the winner. The shower beer was a last-minute addition and really helps to set the tone of the whole piece.

Kendra Miller's final sketch of Blush!

Kendra Miller's final sketch of Blush!

Color Choice

What color are your cheeks when you run into your new crush, when you hear something slightly scandalous or when you catch a glimpse of a silhouette in the shower through your neighbor's window? Blushing pink of course! The color is in the name of this light summer seasonal. Choosing the right shade of pink was easy—it needed to compliment the color family of the other beers and stay true to the hue of rosy cheeks— so darkening the pink a tad was all it took to make this refreshed family complete!

Home Sweet Home

We’ve all heard it before. “Mom, what do you want for your birthday?” “Just for my whole family to be home together!”  Like a true mother to their community, Mother’s Brewing Company is no different. Mother’s says, “We’ve got a whole lotta love for our friends, neighbors, local and global communities.” They are proud of their home sweet home in Springfield, Missouri and wanted to make that evident throughout their brand. That is why each package is stamped with the phrase, ”Brewed with love in Springfield, MO,” and it definitely was.

The notion of “home is where the hop is” was a carry over from the previous design to really instill the notion that to Mother’s, there is no place like home…and a good beer.

Hidden Maze Message & Mother’s Heart

If you can’t find the hidden heart(s) on this one, it’s because we all know what you’re really focusing on! Take a look at the whole picture and then let us know if you can't find them! As for the secret word in the maze, it can make any girl blush…WINK wink.

Thanks for joining us on our weeklong journey uncovering the creative process behind Mother’s Brewing Company’s new label designs. Every Reveler, artist and  member of the Mother’s Family spent many an hour and a lot of metaphorical blood, sweat and tears to bring Mother’s world to life.  So on behalf of the whole creative team who worked on this project, we encourage you to take a break from reality, pop open a brew and escape into “Mother’s World.” CHEERS!