The best creative ideas are the offspring of true inspiration. Inspiration can come in the form of a role model, an exquisite piece of art or a song that you can’t help but vibe to— inspiration is all around us. 
As an agency full of creative minds, we asked our design team to share a few of their sources of inspiration in hopes that it will inspire you. Enjoy! 

Michael Peacock, Graphic Designer
Michael regularly turns to the principal architect for Bjarke Ingels Group in Copenhagen, Bark Ingels to inspire his personal work. 

“Bark Ingels is one of the most inspiring creatives out there. I wish I could say that I discovered him through his work first, but in reality, I discovered him as a part of a research project in my fourth year of architecture in school. There are millions of creatives out there to choose from, but anytime I think of a creative that I seek to emulate, it’s him. I guess it’s a bit easier to list out the qualities that I value in a creative, and you can just imagine that he ranks high on all of them.
•    Creative
•    Efficient
•    Pragmatic
•    Funny
•    Fun
•    Exigent
•    The way you look reflects the work you do

He is constantly looking to do something new, different and even a bit outlandish, like something a design student who doesn’t know anything about engineering would. The difference is, he knows how to make it happen. He focuses on sustainability and how our designs can actually make the world a better place to live in, both in the way we engage physically and visually. 

A lot of the greatest designers are just plain eccentric, too serious or very moody. Think Mozart, Van Gough, Steve Jobs and so on. Ingels infuses a fun, quirky character into his work, as well as the way he communicates with others. Don’t take my word for it, watch this video.”

Amanda Day, Senior Art Director
Amanda talks about the inspiration she draws from lettering artist, Jessica Hische.

“Jessica Hische has always been the creative that I've most enjoyed. She is a letterer, illustrator and type designer. Her work is always so beautiful and well executed. I first discovered her work when I was in my junior year at Missouri State University and before I graduated a bunch of us took a trip to San Francisco to visit several studios and I got to meet her!

One of the main reasons I look up to Jessica Hische is because she has enormous talent and has found great success at such a young age doing what she truly loves to do. Throughout all of her endeavors and successes, she still has time to settle down with her family and stay real to who she is. I appreciate that about a person. It's hard to keep a balance between doing what you love and spending time with those you love. Hische is able to find this balance and is still able to produce extraordinary work.”

Chris Jarratt, Creative Director
Chris couldn’t pick just one source of inspiration. He shares his reasoning behind his slew of creative inspiration.  

“There are many creatives that have inspired me most of my life. To name a few, David Carson, a graphic designer and art director, Riley Cran, a graphic and type designer and Sean Carter (more widely known as Jay-Z), a musical artist and entrepreneur. 

I discovered the genius behind both David Carson and Jay-Z in high school and college during the 90’s and Riley Cran in 2011 when I first learned of his company, The Lost Type Co-op. 

I love the way David Carson pushes boundaries. He uses a style very different than mine, which makes me look at things differently. He's also unique and doesn't follow trends. He has a surfer mentality, which I find inspiring. 

Jay-Z is constantly pushing the music industry and I find his art puts me in a creative space that helps me design. He’s very motivating.

I appreciate Riley Cran’s simplicity. He brings type and design together in simple ways. I'm always inspired by simple solutions— it’s something I strive for in my own designs.

Inspiration can shape the way we work and what work we produce. If you are looking for an inspired team to take your designs to the next level, look no further. Contact us at: