Recently, we gave Revel a facelift. We wanted to feel inspired by our space and our creative room makeover did the trick. We turned our creative space from drab to fab and now it is a place we thrive!

The before. 
Slightly cluttered and lacking spunk, we knew we were in the need of a little TLC.

“Make Revel Look Awesome” day was officially on the calendar. Although, some described the experience as a close correlation to Cinderella (or “Cinder-Revel”… cough cough our Account Executive, Hayley), we had a blast making our office space something we could be proud of.

And *cue the sound of trumpets* the room was transformed! 

This redesign included a new table for various meetings and production tasks, with red chairs for a pop of color and style. 

This area is the heart of production. You name it—our designers now have the space to create what they need to for our clients. We use this space for trimming down custom pieces, preparing client presentation booklets and creating various design mock-ups. 

When diving deep into the concept phase of a project, we need to be able to get all our ideas laid out and into one space. Our magnetic boards lend a helping hand, providing the perfect scene for our creatives to display their ideas and decide which concepts are best. It also makes for some fun decoration.

The new space also includes a mini photo area used to take product shots or photos we can use for our designs, blog and social media.

Last but not least, we rearranged the furniture and spruced up the walls so our design team can fill it with sketches of fun designs to give their workplace a personal touch with their favorite quotes, designs, etc. 

We couldn’t be happier with the new look of our creative space. It’s both inspiring and functional for our team members and its fun to come to work everyday in a space that we all helped create.