Springfield Regional Economic Partnership serves many purposes but if we had to find one all-encompassing word to describe who they are, it would be “resource.” SREP came to us with a unique challenge. Their one entity is comprised of partners throughout the region who come together to become a one-stop-shop resource for businesses looking to expand and/or relocate to the Springfield area.

The existing marketing assets for SREP were lacking a connecting element to bring together all of the partners under one umbrella. Revel’s goal was to create a cohesive messaging strategy that included a brand update, development of brand guidelines and a new website to communicate the exceptional partnership SREP has to offer.

Before and After

Before: The lockup and typeface of the logo were dated and using the acronym, SREP, was confusing for people not familiar with the brand. Also, the overall look of the brand was not used consistently throughout the website. 

After: We used a sturdier, more industrial typeface, giving the logo a more solid foundation. We also brought attention to the “IN” to allude to the overarching messaging of the organization that everything you need is “in Springfield.” Taking the hexagon shape and colors from the logo, the look was carried throughout the website to create a cohesive brand. 

Based on our research, we found that not many people understood what the Springfield region had to offer. Springfield offers innovation and a steadily growing workforce that is great for the growth of businesses and new entrepreneurs. So we created a messaging strategy to communicate that everything a company needed to get started, relocate or expand was IN Springfield. The next step? Convey this message visually.

Research also gave us insight on the main target market. With this information, we set out to create a site that was appealing and easy-to-use for business consultants and company executives. 


Brand guidelines serve as a resource of instructions on how to consistently showcase your brand visually. The booklet that we created for SREP has everything from logo guidelines to messaging. It also outlines several assets such as graphs, templates and iconography for their internal staff to utilize when creating additional collateral.

The website was designed specifically for each of the various audiences they are attracting. How they would interact with the site and what information they needed was kept top-of-mind throughout the entire design process.

Design Breakdown


There are a whopping 34 “Springfields” in the United States, so we had to set Springfield, Missouri apart. We did this by creating an animated map of the area that begins as soon as you scroll down on the homepage. Check it out here!


When you have multiple audiences you are trying to appease, you have to be strategic on the type and placement of content. For SREP, we were setting our sights on site selection consultants and CEOs–two very different demographics. For consultants, the information had to be easily accessed; therefore placing the quick links at the top was the best option. For CEOs and site users that would be exploring Springfield a bit more, we needed to make the site visually appealing to make them want to explore further. See the structure of the data page here.


The partnership works so well because of the relationships between each team and their accessibility to their clients. By pairing each SREP staff member with their area of expertise, it made it easy for a user to get in touch with the right person. 


Responsiveness across multiple devices is a necessity with all websites. Navigation through the site needed to be easy regardless of where the user was accessing it. The design team spent a good deal of time ensuring that the usability of the mobile site was seamless resulting in a significant increase in mobile traffic and visitor retention. 

Mobile view:


SREP Info.jpg

Personal Testimony

“It can’t be said enough how great the team at Revel is to work with.  Their level of professionalism and attention to detail has given us confidence in their ability to execute the projects presented to them.  They have acted as consultant and creative team to us, and go above and beyond the scope of the projects worked on – consistently, each and every time.  We know, without a doubt, we can always count on them.  Not only have they had to work fluidly with our team, but with our stakeholders and other vendors that we partner with as well – which even when proven challenging, Revel remained persistent to maximize the project's potential.  Their patience and commitment to getting the project right is unwavering, and ultimately displays the overall character of the agency and the team that staffs it.”

-Ryan Mooney, CECD

Senior Vice President, Economic Development