Snapchat — A former nonsensical word that has shifted into one of the most common additions to our day-to-day lives since 2011. Targeted primarily towards millennials, Snapchat has become a living, breathing network of ever changing, sporadic communication between people worldwide that acts as a prime vessel for constant disposable content—generating both intense FOMO and furthering our humanistic desire to peer into the lives of others…whether we actually know them or not.  

However, we should all know this by now. The digital marketing takeover has influenced a massive communication culture shift, and Snapchat seized the opportunity to dive headfirst into the pool of new age media. Snapchat currently sees  158+ million users in a single day, with an average user opening the app over 18 times in said day. It should be clear, and we mean crystal clear, that Snapchat is a dominant platform and one that brands should not overlook. Each year, the application finds a way to introduce a new, unique way to reach a wide range of impressions, from Snapchat Stories that remain for 24 hours, to unique facial recognition filters that can either turn you into a lovable strawberry or a demonic spawn of hellfire —to each their own, right?

The big question always remains—what will Snapchat come up with next?

The New snapchat lens

In April of 2017, Snapchat introduced 3D Lenses for the first time. The lens is essentially an object that is 3D and interacts with the environment around you. If you remember the iconic dancing hot dog craze of the summer, that was the source of the excitement. (Raise your hand if you too sneakily had that cute little hot dog dancing on your boss’s head in a meeting. No? Just us?)

via  AdAge

via AdAge

It only took a headstrong, confident dancing creation to push the filter forward and really take off, gaining international popularity,  showing yet again the ability of Snapchat and their innovative, out-of-the box ideas (even if it’s just a dancing Weiner.)

Blade runner

It was only a matter of time before monetization, and on September 28th, 2017, Snapchat officially opened up their new augmented, 3D filters to be made and implemented by brands. Snapchat is a popular platform for advertisements as it is able to geo-target it’s consumers. Combine that with a fun, interesting visual effect and you have a powerhouse couple advertisers can only dream of. One of the first advertisements was based on the (then) upcoming Warner Brothers movie, Bladerunner. As you can see, the filter adds an important sense of intrigue, and alongside the ability to interact with the environment no matter where you point the camera, you can create a truly interesting, adaptive advertisement that people will want to actively interact with.

bud light

The second brand followed suit shortly after, and it was Bud Light who chose to create an interactive visual of a street vendor hollering out in Times Square. As you can see, the interaction is easily understood and the vendor serves as a figment of the users real world experience.

To the user, this is a very intriguing source of dynamic, interactive entertainment. To the brand, a very powerful form of advertising. 

For the onlookers watching this user circle around an empty sidewalk laughing—pretty weird.

via  Mashable

The bottom lineSnapchat is doing it right.

They continue to serve as a digital media innovator and have crafted their platform in a way that allows for advertisers to easily execute their campaigns.

Don’t expect this to be the last thing to be brought to the table. As our technology advances steadily, augmented reality is becoming less and less like a movie idea and more like the lives we live each day. Companies are forced to adapt to the technology and keep up with the new ways to promote their product. The companies that are able to stay relevant with the major digital media trends are the companies that will find greater success. As our digital platform moguls press forward, brands must find ways to utilize new features, and implement their product any way they can. 

And just for the hell of it, here’s a breakdancing hot dog just one more time.


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