Nothing can ruin someone’s holiday cheer like the stress of gift giving…and let’s be honest, we all have those few people that are impossible to shop for. That’s why this Christmas, we bring to… drum roll, please… our Revel Gift Guide! If you have a relative, friend, coworker or significant other that works in the advertising/marketing industry, you will thank us later after reading through these suggestions. As for the nurses, teachers, engineers and plumbers in your life—you’re on your own. Kidding, sort of. While not everyone in your life works for an advertising agency, these ideas were crafted with the creative-inclined in mind but could apply to the multiple personalities you’re shopping for this holiday season.  

Account Executives

We’ll begin with the organized and detail-oriented type, your Account Executives. If there is anyone that has planned ahead for the holiday season, it is the AE in your life. They probably ordered your gift this summer to allow plenty of time for shipping, wrapped it before Thanksgiving with coordinating wrapping paper and ribbon, and had it perfectly arranged under their Christmas tree come December 1.  Keep up with these proactive planners by looking at some gifts they might like: 

  1. Bullet Journal     
  2. Business Card Holder 
  3. Office Inspiration 
  4. Stress Relief Lotion 
  5. Succulent (& make sure they know the rules so it doesn't die) 
  6. Pens 
  7. Desk Calendar
  8. File Holder 
  9. Monitor Stand 
  10. Slim Purse Organizer
  11. Wine Twirls

Marketing Directors

More than likely, the marketing guru in your life is always up on recent trends. This is probably the first person you knew who got an iPhone while you were still rocking your Blackberry and stylus. Out “cool” your coolest friend with these creative ideas. We’ll be the first to admit, it’s tricky to sell to a marketer, but anything that can save them time or that is just plain clever, never goes out of style. 

  1. May Designs Customizable Agenda
  2. Message Chair
  3. Relaxing Candle
  4. Funny Desk Decor
  5. Fashion Brief Case
  6. Amazon Echo
  7. Lunch Box
  8. Travel Coffee Cup
  9. Trendy Coasters
  10. Steve Madden Flats
  11. Practical Office Decor
  12. “Everybody Writes” by Ann Handley
image_preview (1).jpeg


Moving on to our creative minded friends. This is the person that will build and paint you gifts, make custom cards on Photoshop and ultimately, completely show you up with their 1. Thoughtfulness and 2. Talent. There are also those tech-y type creatives. These are the ones who spend their days coding the most intricate websites while you’re just trying to type in your garage code correctly. (7797 or 7977?) How do you even compete with these people? Honestly, they are actually pretty easy to please. Use this list to help you get creative with most creative person on your list.

  1. Field Notes
  2. Stickers
  3. Cork Back Rulers
  4. Leather Watch
  5. iPad Pro
  6. Apple Pencil
  7. Apple AirPods
  8. Moleskine Smart Notebook
  9. Spotify Subscription
  10. Burn Your Portfolio Book
  11. Glass Water Bottle
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The interns in your life will probably be happy with whatever you get them. Left over change from your car? That works. Or possibly just a solid meal (that does not include Ramen or PB&J.) In all seriousness, a lot of interns you know are often times living the double life of school and work, and trying hard to juggle both. Here are some gift ideas that can help them out, both in and out of the office.

  1. Post-it Notes (In Bulk)  
  2. Hand Held Recorder (so we don't miss a single word)
  3. Sign for the Mess Up” moments
  4. Letter Board Office Decor
  5. K-Cups for the late nights of studying
  6. Trendy Graphic tees (suitable for office and class) 
  7. Planners
  8. To-Do List Pads
  9. Gift Cards for Lunch  
  10. Sneakers
  11. Portable Charger
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The gift for the CEO on your list is quite possibly the most important gift you’ll buy this season. (Especially if they’re actually your CEO.) Whether it’s boss of the home, boss of the office or just straight bossy, give them a gift that makes them feel like the top dog or help reduce the stress that this role can bring. Get on their good side this holiday and try some of our tips for your boss man/woman. Who knows? Maybe your paycheck will benefit from it…

  1. Classic Black Blazer 
  2. iPad Case with Bluetooth Keyboard
  3. Leather Brief Case
  4. Whiskey Stones
  5. Key/Wallet Tracker
  6. Apple Watch
  7. Noise Cancelling Headphones
  8. Travel Tie Holder
  9. Bag with Portable charger
  10. Travel Coffee/Water Bottle
  11. “The Hard Thing About Hard Things” by Ben Horowitz
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Do you have a gift to add to the list? Drop a comment below and let us know what your gift ideas is!