The power of a personal testimony comes second to none when important decisions are a factor. Whether we care to admit it or not,  humans rely heavily on others opinions in order to make their own decisions, and that’s not meant to be taken negatively. The proof behind this logic is everywhere. Take a look at the online company Yelp for example. The literal purpose of this website is to see what other people thought about something you are thinking of trying out. And these are complete strangers to you! So why not take this notion and use it in your marketing? Enter the testimonial. 

Video Testimony

The power of personal testimony can be ramped up to a new degree when video becomes the method of delivery. One thing that is hard to portray over a text review is the emotional aspect of that person’s experience. It’s easy to read the words of disdain or respect that someone types behind their glowing blue screen, however, it is much more impactful to see how someone reacts physically to their encounter with a business. From a simple smile to a moving real-life story, watching someone relive their experience will have a much greater pull on your target audience. If the testimony comes from someone whose message has a deep rooted personal connection behind it, the outcome will be much more powerful on the consumers that are watching.

Video is moving. (Quite literally, actually.) It’s powerful, personal and practical. We have seen this time and again with our own clients who have utilized video to provide personal testimonials for their business or organization. 


The GLO Center is an organization that provides a community for those who identify as LGBTQ+ in the greater Springfield/Southwest Missouri Area. We had the privilege of assisting them with a community awareness campaign that would spread the message that GLO is everyone and for everyone.

In a series of video testimonials, we created a campaign for them called “I Am GLO.” Real people who have had real experiences with GLO were given a platform to tell their stories to a greater audience than they have been previously able to reach. As a team, we were moved by their testimonials and by the feedback they received from this campaign, so were those who watched.

Below is the compilation video that was used as the center of this testimonial campaign. In addition to this video, several videos featuring in-depth individual stories were created and distributed on the GLO website to further showcase the impact of the center on the lives of those involved. GLO continues to use these videos in their recruitment efforts and general awareness of the organization so people can better understand who they are. 



Based out of Ozark, MO, Excel Dental takes pride in setting a standard for dental care excellence and providing leading technology which enables their clients to receive top-notch, professional dental work. Now, Excel isn’t the only dental office in town. (If they were, that would make our job way easier.) So why choose them? What makes them different? Who better to tell you than the people who already use them? 

With Excel, the power of video testimonial comes from the genuine display of clients who have experienced their services and leave more than satisfied. 

For consumers who are shopping around for a service such as dental care, seeing the positive results from real people, putting a face with a name, is very helpful when pulling the trigger on which dentist to try. These videos are also subtle ways to showcase the services they offer in the form of a rave review. Win-win. 

A video testimonial also addresses any “unknowns” that people were worried about. “If I choose this dentist, what will my experience look like?” These videos can actually show people what to expect and ease any uncertainties or, in a dentists case, fears one might have. Excel is able to really showcase their entire practice, all while showing off the happy, shining smiles they had a hand in creating.  


Bye, Yelp.

It’s no secret, word of mouth is the one of the most effective ways for your company, service or product to be advertised. However, word of mouth is also volatile in the sense that it can either be a gleaming promotion, or a lackluster review.  With the viral trend of videos, video testimonials are a great way to start the conversation in a positive way. 

Looking for a way to spread the good things you have going on at your business or organization? Give us a call and let’s see if we can help.