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Cinco De Mayo


We've recently joined forces with Springfield's Bryan Properties to promote the best apartments available to Missouri State University students. It's such a good place to live, even our two newest marketing interns are tenants– and we would like to think they would pick a decent place to lay their heads at night. 

Adding to the appeal, they also throw really sweet parties. They let us run free and make some sweet illustrative posters and collateral promoting their Cinco De Mayo party. If you're a college student, show up– they are giving away free drinks and tacos. Oh yeah, and a free trip to Cancun. If only we were college students again...

Tour De Crawdad


Revel was able to help Champions Committed to Kids this year with their 2nd Annual Tour De Crawdad Festival. Our team donated our time to create a fun identity and some illustrative collateral pieces to promote the event around the Springfield area.

Although none of us are up to the task of riding the 22, 42 or 62 mile rides, we will be there in support of the event. If you want to ride or simply enjoy some Crawdads, stop by Saturday, April 26th. To find out more about this event and the support it provides visit

Noel, Noel…


This year at Revel we chose to be crafty when it came to making our Holiday cards. Each of us were tasked with creating our own individual letter. We all started with pencils, edited in Illustrator and then produced some good old fashioned letterpress blocks.

The delicate N was created by Nicole. The O was crafted by Chris (kudos for those who spot the sports reference). The E was meticulously fine-tuned by Amanda, while the L was made by Adam.

We then enjoyed pressing each individual card via the letterpress studio at Missouri State University. We hope you enjoy the hard work we put into each and every card.

Happy Holidays!

-The Revel Team

Revel Turns Three

Revel turned three recently, so we made some invitations. We decided to commemorate the event with some handcrafted numbers to give to a few of our clients. We filled the studio with sawdust and paper scraps but the end result was worth the mess. You can see the process above and the finished product below.


Every piece was handmade, from the paper wrap to the wooden 3. We used ¼" walnut planks for the number with 220 lb. cotton paper inlayed between. We then branded each piece by hand with a crafty wood burner. Every Revel team member played a part in the process, stain still remains on some of our hands.